Thursday, September 1, 2016

Drama CDs: Beautiful Fighters (3/6)

Before I forget, no apparent QB news this month, but HJ started the 2nd manga of the 7 Sins gals, plus, in case you didn't notice reading the site's header above, a potentially cool QBB development is coming!

For the previous poll about classic rulers, Aldra beat the Earl Vance, 40v-74% to 14v-25%. Oh, poor guy, the man can't catch a break, huh?

Now next poll, who's the most ripped of them all?

So midway through Beautiful Fighters, there was the classic shota love story, no?



  1. Risty is pure muscle mass, in a tug of war or arm wrestling contest, I know who I'd count on!

    1. Cattleya is in fact stronger but my favorite is Risty.

  2. Cattleya hands down. Hell Look at the size of that sword of hers it's gotta weigh a ton or two. She used to kill giants when she was younger so that's gotta count for something.