Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vanquished Queens 2 (2)

First, for a bit of news, there's a site to play the card game Queen's Blade the Duel online, seems to be in pre-beta, see here for a little more info.

Also, turns out the English version of QB Perfect Visual Collection isn't selling too good, c'mon guys, show some love!

And here's the next installment of VQ2, we kinda had an unexpected delay with the editing and stuff, but that's actually what "unexpected" means.


More VQ2 soon!


  1. @Yuit&Vante: And no one ate dinner that night.


  2. Hm, interesting how the Yuit and Vante ending here seems like a sequel to the one from the first Vanquished Queens book; that's new.

    Also, how in the heck did Elina get past Mirim's Hyper Vibration Armor? I'm sorry, but there's no way she could ever muster the force necessary to break through it - the description seems to hint that it just ran out of power...?

    1. Yep, Y & V's story here continues from where we left them at VQ1, they managed to avert Vante's dismantling in the end. I get the feeling that, from now on, whenever the girls get the same "opponent" as before, it'll mean it continues from the previous story.

      And well, for Elina, I can think of two ways she managed to actually hurt Mirim: either she quickly spotted the weak points of her armor (remember how Ymir only needed to stab Mirim's back in Upheaval to bring her to her knees), or she kept attacking her over and over, dodging Mirim's flimsy attacks, until Mirim couldn't stand the repeated vibrations anymore (and the armor's magic ran off)...

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  4. Hey, hiya! I am a huge fan of queen's blade and decided to download your app leecherboy. You did a great job. Is this the only way to contact you? Anyway, I had a small error in the game, so I decided to be as helpful as I could.

    It happened during 2 vs 2 tournament battles. It was between Iroha & Mai vs Cattelaya & Yuit and Vante. Also, how do I find the Queen's Blade the Duel Flash game Beta as described in your wiki?

    1. Hi, thanks, I'm glad you like it. Though I'm kinda too paranoid to publicly share my e-mail, you can find it in the app (see "Help" -> "About..."), or you can also contact me in the QB wiki.

      For errors in the QBB game, I'd kinda prefer if you commented in the posts about the game itself, or just email me about it if you feel that's faster.

      As for the QBTD game, you just have to register in the 1st link below the big red button, and wait for your acceptance email, use Google Translate if you can't read moonrunes.

  5. Ok, thanks a lot. I hope this helps. The error got recorded in a replay file. Here it is below.

    Characters:Iroha.Mai Shiranui.|Cattleya.Yuit & Vante.|

  6. Oh, I almost forgot to ask. Is the QBB game, the one you made, online enabled? Can I connect to people world wide? or does it only work with the IP addresses you know from friends?

    1. I'll see what I can do about the error, thanks.

      As for playing online... though I'm not an expert in online games myself, I think that if there are games where you can play against anyone in the world, is because they have a dedicated server, that is, a computer connected mostly 24/7 that accepts the players' requests and lets them communicate.

      Since we don't have anything like that and sharing your IP is rather insecure and unreliable, for now it's just your friends or people you meet in the Hamachi networks above, sorry.

    2. Queen's Blade WORLD TOURNAMENT! Enter your favorite Queen's Blade participants to become the ultimate beautiful warrior!

      Blade vs Gate vs Rebellion vs Grimoire and with a secret additional challenger...DANTE from Devil May Cry!

      Play leaderboards, jump in on other participant's duels to crush their standings. Join the Swamp Witch's forces to access demonic abilities like Devil Transform or Cursed Power or join the Continent to repel evil forces and gain access to alchemic weapons unseen!

      Coming to a PC near you in August 21XX!

    3. Oh, yeah I understand. Yeah I think you would need a server. Still I like the game just fine, it's great, man. I will try to be as helpful as I can if I come across anymore errors.

    4. You know, though a server would still be the best solution, I'm wondering lately if I can somehow use those web 2.0 sites as kind of a distributed means to connect QBB players... something like, using Twitter to play QBB with other people, sending tweets directly from the game.

      It seems it can be integrated in the game, logging to a Twitter account should be safe enough and the Twitter rules do allow it... but I don't know what you guys would think about that?

    5. Also, I'll have 5 of the game Final Agent said, please :)

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