Sunday, January 27, 2013

QB Battle 37.9

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To celebrate 3 years of this game of mine, besides favourite FF female Lightning (Commando version, thanks to Okami31 and Baofu), added the main char of the gorgeous fighting game that needs to soar again, that is, Filia from Skullgirls:

To compensate for not exactly getting all of Filia's moves, she's the only char so far who can force a tag out when in tag battles.

Coming next, probably a Ravager version of Lightning... and maybe we can actually have a honest-to-goodness "online mode" soon? Through the seemingly simple concept of "editing spreadsheets in Googledocs", pre-preliminary tests are looking good... Stay tuned!


  1. Hi, sorry for commenting here but I have no idea how else to contact you. Found your program the other day and noticed a serious mistake in one of Alice's results. On your scan for page 3 it says "Do no pistol, green, or yellow next turn, but add +1 to any dagger that scores next turn." This is different from what's written on my hard copy, which says 次の行動は銃か黄か緑しか選択出来ません。次の行動でダガーで得点すれば1点増えます。 which is actually the opposite of that translation, in other words "You can only use pistol or yellow or green next turn. Add 1 point to any dagger attack that scores next turn." Her dagger IS her pistol so it'd be strange to lock her daggerguns if it says she can gain a point from dagger attacks next turn. And I'm sure you know how しか works grammatically so I don't think I have to explain the mistranslation.
    Also irrelevant, but I think "Jump" is a dumb translation of the 移動 category and it should just be "Move", but probably too late to do anything about that.

    1. Hi, if it's about the game, commenting here is recommended, so don't worry (you can find my e-mail in the game at the Help->About, if you'd rather contact me directly).

      These Alice scans are like 4 years old, translated by our original benefactor Haruka Tomose (I see he's corrected that bit now, here)... But you're totally right, I'll fix that next time, thanks for pointing it out.

      And yep, I hear "Jump", "Dazed" and stuff don't really match what's written on the QB books, but since they're counterparts of the old LW books, that's how they should be translated.

      Also, despite popular belief, I don't actually know japanese (it costs me lots to get these things translated more or less decently), if you do and want to get involved a little more in QB stuff, we'd seriously appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts if you could help us with some of the things we currently plan to translate.