Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vanquished Queens 2 (1)

So a new year is upon us! If last year was kinda the year of the illustrated stories, what's in store here for us this year? More obscure QB stuff, that's for sure!
For now, a new VQ-ish book was released at the recent C83, that announces the Witch's book for spring.

And here's the start the Vanquished Queens 2 book. Last time around, I had you guys waiting until I finished the whole thing, so I thought maybe you'd prefer if I posted the stuff as I translated it. Props to Final Agent and his team, for typesetting, proofreading, and putting up with my unreasonable demands, lol.

What humiliations will our heroines suffer this time?


More of them to come soon!


  1. I heartily approve of the decision to start releasing the new VQ goodness now! Well done, LB!

    There's some interesting information here; Annelotte's "bad ending" has her losing her interesting parallel to Aldra. I just wish they would tell us how it happened.

    This version of the Head Angel sounds much more sinister than the blustering one from the anime.

    It's interesting that Luna Luna was defeated by four people; her tentacles make her seem like more of a force to be reckoned with. I wonder if the idea of another tribe from the western jungle is canon?

    1. I thought Annelotte's situation resembled Aldra's too, Aldra's amnesia being due to a berserker devil transformation just got more likely now...

      I wonder about the new tribe, though, only Wild Elves are supposed to be around there, and they don't look like it. In fact, their name was literally "Women Tribe"... but that sounded awkward at best.

  2. Good read, thanks for this.

  3. I hope these are just like an alternate possibility of what could happen if they fail and aren't actually canon to the story, at first I thought this was what was supposed to happen to the characters after the series, but I really hope not, because what happens to them here is pretty horrible especially for poor Annelotte.

    Also have they shown Annelotte with pointed ears in her normal human form at any time before? I remember somebody asking about her ears here before.
    And I double checked her character folder to see if they showed her with pointed ears anywhere, and while most of them obscure her ears beneath her hair, there is one that shows most of her ears (The one that says 31 at top of page, and 32 at the bottom.) and they look like they are round there, so was it just a mistake by whoever was drawing her?

    1. Well here's my theory, see Aldra had round ears previously in the QB world and now has pointed ears along with memory loss.

      Same with this Annelotte, rounded ears to pointed ears = memory loss.

      So chances are, if you become a devil enough and lose yourself...or simply, get beaten up HARD enough (like Aldra does at the end of her reign and likely what Claudette did to Annelotte here) AS a devil, then you run the risk of losing your human's mind. It's been said that devils are usually weak unless their parents (demon + human) are very strong, so chances are this is just one of the side effects and they were just able to dodge it long enough to make use of it.

    2. You know, that actually sounds quite likely, they only clearly appear with pointy ears when in devil mode, so it could very well be "abuse devil power = pointy ears + memory loss".

      (Also, I think what was asked here before was Aldra's ears instead: a lot of Annelotte's pics show her round ears).

      Btw, I like to imagine this event with Annelotte took place the last time she really went berserk, when she broke the ground and damaged soldiers and even herself back in Upheaval 4... but it's not canon anyway, the amount of retconning the VQ scenes would imply to fit within the QB story is quite staggering.