Thursday, January 10, 2013

Queen's Blade Backstories: Nanael, Airi and Elina

More backstory stuff, there's another english one so it's 3 once again, and quite the greedy trio...



I thought this Queen's Blade would be a total bore, but once I arrived, I saw that there were many men who came to watch! I've found Heaven here on Earth. Tee hee.
I found a particularly beautiful group of men and "descended" upon them, with godly light surrounding me.
"Those chosen by Heaven, I am the Angel of Light, Nanael. I shall give you all a mission that will bring true order and found a kingdom that will last forever. First off, come with me to the bedchamber in Heaven and serve me."
The light reaches far and wide, so those on Earth should throw themselves down and follow an angel.
But the men were fidgety and acting odd.
"I'm sorry. They're showing the battle of Leina the Exiled Warrior today, so I have to go."
"I have to go, too. Today is the release of the recording of the voices of Tomoe the Musha-Miko. I need to go to the souvenir shop."
The men scurried away. I didn't think the sinful women had permeated their minds this badly.
It's fine. If I beat the female warrior monkeys to a pulp, the men should wake up and realize what they're missing. And I'm going to start with you, the one in the ridiculous outfit!
Sure enough, can Nanael defeat all of the women warriors?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


An intense desire burns in Airi’s chest. I’m dying of desire for the energy of this one in front of me.
Fear and anxiety serve as seasoning, and despair becomes the best sauce. Surrounding them with the disgusting beings I summoned from the Netherworld, once I take away their freedom, their life energy reaches the perfection of delicacy. Just imagining the taste… glup. Airi’s likely to forget her work.
Oh my, this person isn’t even trying to run away, she’s not trembling in fear. There are such spirited warriors in this world as well. She seems to be tough.
But since Airi will win by all means, please spare me of just that punishment, Mistress.
Sure enough, can Airi escape the punishment from her Mistress?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


“This Leina, what a tomboy! She doesn’t intend to come back home until the end? Until when will she continue that worthless roaming! What does she think her social status is?”
Big sis, this is bad. Father is extremely furious.
“What would you do, Elina? Even your subordinates failed to capture Leina, and there were 5 of them!”
That’s right.  It’s just Elina who is allowed to touch big sis. Sorry, big sis. I’ll gouge out the eyes of those guys, to make sure they don’t stand up again.
“The Queen’s dogs, the so-called “Assassins of Fang”, seem to be aiming at my life. Though I’m not worried with you by my side, necessity knows no law. Elina, you’ll bring Leina back.”
Yes! With this I can finally meet big sis.
“Mission acknowledged, Earl. Since my older sister will appear in the Queen’s Blade tournament by all means, I’ll capture her there.”
Father frowned when he heard the words “Queen’s Blade” from my mouth, but it doesn’t matter.
Big sis, Elina has become incredibly strong. You’ll be beautiful even if you’re covered with sweat and dust, big sis. The participants don’t matter because I’ll go kill everyone you meet, wait for me, big sis ♥.
Sure enough, can Elina fulfill her mission?
They won’t know that unless they fight.



  1. Im guessing you're saving the QG backstories for an off day? anyway, nice work as usual.

    1. QG backstories, huh? I guess I am, lol, I don't know if they're much more than a summary of their respective series, I haven't collected all of them yet and there are bigger fish to fry...
      Alice's will probably accompany a certain girl on her lonesome, though.

  2. Oh, wow! I just started watching the anime, and I've got to say, I'm enjoying it! i cant wait to try out your game, too, if a get a chance! Keep up the awesome work!