Thursday, January 24, 2013

Queen's Blade Backstories: Menace and Echidna

So this month's HJ magazine only had info about the next figures (Alleyne, Irma and Cattleya), boo :p

But anyways, here's a double dose of F.S., and the first time one of his QB girls was released in 6th place.



As I received a thick oil massage from a small sir who looked like a desert mole rat, I had been lost in thought.
Though my body had been revived with much effort after what was said to be several thousand years, how much has this world changed, I wonder? Savage people from different ethnic groups rule the Continent, and now there’s no trace anywhere of the glory from my kingdom of Amara, which was thought to last forever. To revive the kingdom as soon as possible, I must make the authority of the royal family known to the world.
When I noticed, the small sir had begun massaging me in places of my body I hadn’t ordered him to.
“Err~, since I didn’t order you to, that’ll be enough~”
The small sir laughed frivolously, and withdrew his hand with incredibly slow movements. I was offended a little bit, concentrated my senses into my fingertip, and gently touched his arm.
At that time, my scepter Setra, who had been set aside, opened his mouth.
“Milady, the massage time is over. An enemy approaches.”
Picking up Setra, I left the room. Leaving behind the small sir, who gave unsightly screams when he looked at his quickly collapsing arm, smoke rising from it.
With her fist clothed in the aura of that fearful curse, can Menace defeat all her enemies?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


The stone fort was built on top of a hill. After sleeping in the bed where a fur was spread all over luxuriously, I felt someone giving off a strong presence nearing and woke up.
Did the female leader of the bandits come to take her fortress back? Or has a challenger from the silly tournament come over? At any rate, seems like this’ll be fun for the first time in a long time? When I chant a short incantation, the magic snake coiled around my waist. I tie up my hair, put on my armor, and pick up my sword. When I prepare for battle, this feeling of happiness that gradually wells up is unbearable.
Even after 500 years have passed, the never ending thirst for battle arouses me.
Aaah, maybe today I can meet an opponent that satisfies me?
Sure enough, will Echidna’s “Undefeated Record” continue?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


  1. Interesting information about Echidna! So Keltan is magical, and Echidna can cast spells, huh? That I didn't know.

    Also, it's interesting that her opponent here seems to be fairly obvious (Risty), which is unusual for these backstories.

    1. I don't think any of us knew... maybe Echidna only knows a few words to use Keltan's power (since she isn't said to have any kind of magic anywhere), but yep, the snake is magical, that kinda explains how it stays there.

      Also, this should be the first time we're told what Menace's cursing power specifically does, yay.

    2. Well,that does solve my question of how Keltan could live for so long. Oh, and about your post about Twitter and QBB, i think that'd be a good idea, even if you just want to try it out.

    3. Hm, actually, I learned that Twitter has a few limits on operations and doesn't take kindly to similarly-looking tweets...

      However, GoogleDocs seems like the perfect candidate, we'll see.

  2. I like these Queen's Blade Backstories. And also, I know Vante is a robot, but she's still Hottt! Maybe I should order my own private robot maid via ebay. xD