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Queen's Blade Rebellion Illustrated Stories: Showdown, chapter 6 + Musha-Miko's Snake Hell

I don't know if you're familiar with the Musha-Miko's Snake Hell, a little, silly ecchi game:

But I found it recently, so if you're interested in Risty or Tomoe, feel free to grab it here: Mirrors/Sendspace

Anyways, back to the Rebellion story:

In this chapter, Queen Claudette is...?


Showdown, chapter 6: Mastermind

The battle between the regular army led by Queen Claudette and the Rebel Army gathered under the Princess Knight Annelotte was coming to an end.
Annelotte had achieved a miraculous reunion with her sister, the previous Queen Aldra, and Yuit had succeeded in holding down Laila, who had turned into a giant, though Bligh’s heavy work, though it became a tie. The only fight remaining, was the confrontation between Claudette and the Rebel Army’s beautiful fighters.
Who remained undefeated, sure enough…

Sigui and Luna had been incapacitated with a single blow when they were struck by the lightning from Queen Claudette, who hadn’t weakened at all compared to her participation in the previous Queen’s Blade.
“S, somebody, help mee-“
In answer to the voice of Mirim, the only person left behind, a single, dazzling ray of light shone on between her and Claudette.
To answer Claudette’s question, a masked beautiful fighter leading Ymir, Tarnyang and Sainyang appeared.
“M, Miss Maria…”
“Mirim, and you Annelotte’s sisters, you’ve worked really hard.”
Claudette turned her gaze from Mirim to the masked beautiful fighter.
"Mirim… your Hyper Vibration equipment! If it’s your weapon, Queen Claudette can be defeated!”
“E, eeh?”
“Listen, just do as she said!”
Pressed by the threatening attitude of Ymir, who could be heard behind Maria, Mirim started her Hyper Vibration Crystal.
“Hyaaah… it’s, it’s no use… it’s too strong, for my body… aanh.”
Claudette frowned at Mirim’s blushing and gasping appearance.
“What an ugly show… we shall make it end.”
The Thunder Clap fired a purple lightning.
“Kya, kyaah, bzzz, noo!”
The lightning that had incapacitated many beautiful fighters with one blow surprisingly didn’t even numbed down Mirim’s body, and slipping over Mirim’s armor, it fell down to the floor.
“What? Our lightning doesn’t work?”
Claudette stared in wonder at the baffling phenomenon.
“As I expected, when the Hyper Vibration Crystal is brought to its limits, it releases an oscillatory wave, that forms a defensive wall that doesn’t let lightning through, either. Now, Mirim!”
“Y, yeees! I’m going! Here I come!”
Mirim swung her sword as she shouted. The beautiful fighters who happened to be present there involuntarily opened their eyes wide before the sword technique she unleashed.
With brilliant swordsmanship, she held her ground before Claudette, the strongest beautiful fighter in the Continent, and sent the Thunder Clap flying.
“The Hyper Vibration Sword… you’ve come to master it…”
She took a significant cut to the chest, and without hiding her exposed breasts, Queen Claudette’s knees gave way under her.
“Eh, ah… the Queen, did I…?”
Mirim was perplexed, showing an expression as if she didn’t understand what she had accomplished herself.
“Splendid! Your hidden talent has bloomed after overcoming the many battles as a member of the Rebel Army. Without it, you wouldn’t have mastered the Hyper Vibration Sword.”
“It’s the job of the common people to bring down a Queen that is on the wrong path… You did your best, Mirim… with this…”
Maria fell into a deep sleep with a smile.

The great war was approaching its end.
Due to Annelotte’s and Aldra’s reconciliation, the Queen’s Army and the Rebel Army no longer had an opponent to turn their weapons to.
Bligh had taken a blow with all of Laila’s might and was now wedged into the Queen’s Castle, its functions stopped. It would be useless for a short while.
Yuit and Vante came down from Bligh, looking for the owner of the voice that was heard during the battle, searching for the one who had been pulling Laila’s strings.
“Vante, did you find something…?”
At the end of Vante’s gaze, a pink object could be seen wriggling besides the collapsed, nude Laila.
“As I thought… I was right to prepare for this.”
The device attached to Vante’s arm sprayed a fog-like drug.
“Guuh! What is this! It’s soaking in…”
As she complained, the pink mass shape changed into the figure of a voluptuous, beautiful woman in a dress.
“Uh? I can’t change? What’s this? It’s the first time this happens to me.”
Her transformations stopping halfway, the beautiful woman raised her voice in bewilderment.
“As expected from the genius alchemist Yuit. Seems like it was a success even if I couldn’t test it first.”
“”Even if I say so myself”, right… I can’t transform… Isn’t this a serious crisis?”
“Do you finally get it? I prepared this as a counter-measure against Melona, since I heard that big bro had been hurt by it before. Though, I didn’t actually think I would meet the person herself. Now, I’ll have you talk. What’s the Marshland Witch planning?”
“What makes you think I’ll talk obediently?”
“Which is better, protecting the secret plan that has already failed and becoming a statue, or talking and being safe… I think you get it~”

With Queen Claudette’s defeat, the fight in the Queen’s capital came to an end.
Waiting for Annelotte, who came accompanied by Aldra, to reach the Queen, were Queen Claudette who had surrendered the throne and accepted disarmament, Maria who had fallen into a deep sleep, and the figures of the comrades who had begun recovering from the battle’s injuries.
“Annelotte, this is your side’s victory. To mark your victory, so that you don’t lose sight of the right path, it’s fine if you take the head of the foolish Queen who brought calamity to the Continent.“
“That’s not my intention… Queen Claudette.”
Though Annelotte accepted the sword presented to her by Claudette, she denied her request.
“Our goal was getting the Queen to admit her mistakes. It wasn’t to kill the Queen.”
“Then, I won’t be able to make up for it. Even if I carried on with my life, the crimes I committed are far too big for me to atone for them.”
Annelotte lowered her eyes slightly at Claudette’s words.
The Earl Vance’s territory, the Kreutz Margraviate, Wassilica village… if one thought of the people who were hurt from Claudette’s oppression, the punishment she asked for wasn’t too heavy.
“It all happened because of my own heart. At that time, the “curse” that the Marshland Witch placed upon me was nothing more than a trigger. Someone with a weak heart in the seat of the Queen was the origin of the mistakes… So, it’s fine even if I’m judged. Annelotte, you have a right and a duty ahead of you…”
“A right and a duty…”
Annelotte closed her mouth, and grabbed the sword.
“He-y, wait a bit-“
Yuit’s voice echoed as if to melt down the strained atmosphere.
“Do you think only Queen Claudette needs to face all the mistakes? Because, there was a mastermind leading things on for the worse.”
“A mastermind?”
Vante appeared along with Yuit, carrying a metal jail, and dropped it on the floor with a thump.
“Yees! Rebel Army, and beautiful fighters that were cursed starting with the Queen, my name is the Protean Trickster, Melona.”
The woman shut in the cage announced her own name in an energetic voice unfitting for the current situation.
“That girl! That girl is the one who disguised herself as me as she pleased!”
Ymir raised her voice with a strength that seemed like it’d break the cage at any time.
“With this, seems like the main players are assembled.  Well then, I’ll have you tell us why Queen Claudette lost sight of the right path, and what the Marshland Witch is planning.”
Yuit looked at all of them for a little, then turned to look at the cage.
“Well, I could give you some answers as a reward for catching me? Though all you were calling Claudette’s a misrule or a misgovernment, I know that it wasn’t that bad all in all.”
Grin, a smile appeared on Melona’s face. Under the shadow of Aldra’s rule for as many as 8 years, the faction of the Queen’s nobles had enjoyed many blessings, and the government officials had gone corrupt. Claudette had destroyed all their evil practices, and had tried to form a meritocracy without regards to family or money.
“Everything is the result of the “Amplification Curse” the witch put on Claudette. Claudette was a serious, strict person from the beginning, so when her personality that respected order more than others was amplified, we knew she’d become like this. As for me, in order for the Queen not to change her mind, I’ve been whispering by her side… watching over her so that she adhered to the severe norms she had decided on previously, and kept piling up her mistakes…”
Claudette bit her lips at Melona’s words.
“This way, we kept removing the nuisances in the Continent legally besides Claudette being our puppet, changing the world conveniently for the witch to usurp it later. Even so, there were some nuisances who weren’t satisfied with it. Therefore, she went and put a curse on the beautiful fighters who were deemed dangerous according to the predictions…”
“That’s what the witch is plotting… I wonder, didn’t she know of big bro’s presence through the so-called predictions?”
“Who knows. So, as I promised, I’ve told you the whole thing, won’t you let me free? Miss genius alchemist.”
“Hm~~, I kept my promise. Melona, shouldn’t you be free to change your shape now? However, you can’t leave the cage.”
Yuit smiled proudly. Since the ointment used to varnish the inside of the cage had the same composition as the liquid she sprayed to seal Melona’s transformations, she couldn’t leave it.
“Apparently, unless we defeat the Marshland Witch, seems like there won’t be peace in this Continent.”
Annelotte gave back the sword she had taken from Claudette, and shifted her attention to her comrades, that gathered around the Queens.
“As for me, I want to subdue the Marshland Witch who manipulated Queen Claudette, and caused the calamity in the Continent. I’d like all of you to lend me your power for a bit longer.”
“Of course. We are your sisters.”
Just like Aldra, the gathered comrades that adored Annelotte as an older sister figure smiled delightfully.
“I’ll live in disgrace…”
“E, even if the Queen is strict, I know she’s a gentle person as well. As long as the Marshland Witch isn’t here, you’ll do the right thing!”
Mirim declared, taking Claudette’s hands.
“Can I… do that?”
“You can. You are not alone. We’ll be with you!”
Claudette cast down her eyes at Annelotte’s words.

-To be continued-

...So, it was Mirim who did her in. It's nice to see her reaching her potential as the "strongest", even beyond the "repelling armor" the magic soldiers had.
But still, if Ymir really predicted it'd come to this, she's more of a genius than Yuit (though the little elf capturing Melona isn't half bad, either).
Does that mean Ymir made the Hyper Vibration equipment with the only intention to let someone beat some sense into Claudette...?

Next chapter: a new foe... or is it a friend?


  1. I'm glad Ymir's invention and foresight contributed to the victory, I've always been a fan of her.

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    2. No luck with Nanael's.
      As for this game, you have to mount the img file with Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% or what have you. It's actually compatible with Windows 7, despite being 6 years old :p

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    3. You mean QB The Conquest, right?
      Yep I did, it's pretty cool, though it could use a little more gameplay, and some chars are still missing (for example, the Aldras).

  4. It really lends some justice to the overall plot. I liked that it was Mirim's time to shine. Can't wait to read the next chapter.