Sunday, July 15, 2012

QB Battle 33.0

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Kind of a belated update, and I didn't even finish all I wanted. But still, thanks to Rumormonger Baofu's pics and help, added the fanmade Dlanor A Knox and Agrias Oaks:

Dlanor is supposed to select one of Umineko's chars as her partner to help her when doing the Metaworld Declaration... but it was kind of complex to get it done this time, my bad ^^U.

Coming next: complete Dlanor, and probably Suchie-Pai.


  1. I'm quite pleased. I hope everyone likes it! Please don't push yourself with these updates. These kinds of characters take time to assemble. ^^

  2. You're awesome, leecherboy!
    Don't worry about don't finishing what you said, just take your time and do what you can (and want).