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QB Exiled Warrior 1 + Queen's Blade Rebellion Illustrated Stories: Showdown, chapter 5

Here you go, an unexpected double feature!

On one hand, Final_Agent and yours truly joined our forces to bring you another of the QB mangas, "Exiled Warrior", the one centered on Leina's journey.

Download it here, and enjoy!

And on the other hand, a story whose rather NSFW pic was somewhat misinterpreted and caused quite a bizarre uproar in some parts of the Internetz.

In this chapter, the battle between the Queen's Army and the Rebel Army rages on!
Enjoy! (x2)

Showdown, chapter 5: Great Showdown

“Let’s go! Vante! With all your power, full throttle!”
The Sacred Treasure Fortress Bligh raised both of her legs high up in the air, and pushed down on Laila, who had turned into a giant.
“Heey, Laila! Holy milk, you can use holy milk!”
From the head of Laila, who had turned into a giant, the Iron Strategist’s voice resounded with instructions.
“I can’t use… holy milk… that’s… impossible.”
“Why is it impossible?”
“Because… I threw away my weapon… a while back.”
Laila apologetically turned her eyes to the divine Holy Cannon, that was lying down in the distance.
In order to take the Holy Cannon in her hands, she’d have to push Bligh aside.
“Y, you damned fool~~~”
As if wanting to overlap the Iron Strategist’s shout, the Sacred Treasure Fortress Bligh pinned down Laila’s body firmly, and threw her towards the outer wall of the Queen’s Castle.
Along with Laila’s scream, a huge fortress crumbled down making a thunderous roar, and a cloud of dust arose.

The pressure of the silence, the very real pressure that could be called the difference in rank, overwhelmed the three beautiful fighters.
Standing before Sigui’s group was the enemy they had to defeat, the Queen Claudette…
“We Annelotte’s sisters have come to defeat you, and to end your tyrannical rule.”
Sigui readied her Holy Flame Mace, stiffening her buckling knees.
“I, I’m ready…”
About to start trembling, Mirim held her Hyper Vibration Sword in her hand, and Luna Luna danced voluptuously behind the two people.
“W, wait, Luna Luna, what’s that?”
“What am I dancing? Look and you’ll understand.”
She wondered if she intended to reduce the opponent’s morale with her dance, yet despite Mirim shedding cold sweat, Luna Luna’s body danced the dance of battle.
“I’ve been underestimated… instead of the devil Annelotte, with your level, do you think you can defeat me?”
A purple lightning ran through the Thunder Clap.
It’s coming! Sigui placed her mace between her legs right away, and greatly stuck out her chest.
Holy Pose: “Judgement”, the opponents that saw that form repented for their crimes, and they weren’t able to even look at the interrogator anymore.
But, Claudette fired a lightning at Sigui without hesitation.
“Holy Power won’t work! Such, a fool…”
The purple lightning released by the Thunder Clap moved through the space as the Queen wanted, and as an unavoidable lightning, it hit Sigui’s body directly.
“That was deplorable, there’s no past to repent for with my lightning.”
Laughing at the expression of anguish of Sigui, whose knees had given way after being hit by the lightning, Claudette shifted her attention towards a new prey.
That wasn’t a battle, but a one-sided hunting.
“Your turn is next. Dancer from strange lands.”
“Oh my, Queen, you don’t want to see my dance to the end, aren’t you a bit tasteless?”
Dancing nimbly, Luna Luna ran away from the point of the Thunder Clap sword.
“I’m not falling for it, it’s obvious you’re stalling for time. Besides, I’m not in the mood to enjoy the dance.”
Claudette calmly told her, and fired a lightning once more. Before the thunder roared around the Queen, Luna Luna fell down on the floor, convulsing and twitching as tentacles extended from her body.
“Hyauuuh, I’m, I’m going numb… this tingling, it’ll become a habit.”
Despite her whole body going numb, Luna Luna was still trying to dance, rubbing her hips against the floor in agony.
“It’s just you remaining…”
“H, hih! Only me, what’s this!?”
Mirim was left alone, and shouted as her body trembled with fear.

“I’m going, madam.”
“I’ll go as well. Madam.”
The bodies of the two summoned beasts approached Annelotte.
“T, those guys, they weren’t stuffed animals?”
Due to Belphe’s flame and Dogor’s solution, Annelotte had already lost her armor, and her appearance had became near half-naked.
“Ohoho, don’t take the earl of the Netherworld lightly…”
“Netherworld… in that case, I have no choice but to use this power?”
Annelotte frowned, and controlled the violent magical power that was overflowing from inside her.
“Oh dear, girl, your body’s condition doesn’t look that well.”
“Then, shall we welcome this tasty treat for us?”
Belphe and Dogor approached her gently, but suddenly stopped moving.
Staring at the bodies of the two summoned beasts, were the deep crimson pupils of Annelotte, whose purplish silver hair was now dyed jet black.
“W, what is it? Summoned beasts?”
“M, madam… This person, I wonder who she is.”
“Madam, we hadn’t heard about this.”
A little fear was mixed in the voice of the summoned beasts.
“” That Annelotte descends from someone from the Netherworld! ””
Talking in unison, the summoned beasts left from Aldra’s side.
“Unfortunately… You’re wrong.”
Though her face showed an expression of anguish, Annelotte stared straight at Aldra.
“I’m… neither a demon, nor a creature from the Netherworld. I’m just a beautiful fighter from this continent… who loves peace!”
Annelotte shouted, swinging down her sword.
“In that case, why don’t you stop the war?”
Aldra inquired, putting away her paddle.
“If the Queen is mistaken, it’s up to her subjects to put all their power into correcting her. My stepfather did so, and was overthrown by the Queen. It is my mission to show her the right path.”
“Right path?”
“Why did you side with the Queen?”
“To protect the peaceful life of my Darling and me.”
“If that’s the case, we don’t need to fight here.”
“B, but, I’ve heard that the towns occupied by the Rebel Army are plundered regardless of gender, to raise a wicked harem.”
“I don’t know who you heard that from, but I have no interest in that alleged harem, nor do I intend to raise one.”
This time, it was Aldra who showed a confused expression at Annelotte’s words. Were the maid’s words a lie? Was the Annelotte that had appeared at the town of water an imposter?
“I’ll ask again. For what purpose are you fighting?”
For what purpose… Aldra asked herself, as Annelotte’s red pupils stared straight at her.

“Push her down like this! Go! Go! Gooo!”
Under Yuit’s orders, the Sacred Treasure Fortress Bligh pushed Laila down and poured attacks on her mercilessly.
“Kyah! Ouch! Ouuuuch!”

Every time Laila screamed, a light scattered little by little, and her giant-sized body became smaller.
“Weren’t you going to show the miracle of God!?”
“E, even if I said that, it hurts… Kyaah! Stop! I’m weak there!”
“Gah! Can’t you do the “Falling” something, or the “Holy” whatever?”
“I, I’ll try!”
Laila’s body began shining golden.
“Holy Diive!”
Properly speaking, it was a technique whose power grew when diving from the sky, but since she was being pushed down by Bligh, it became a style launched from the ground.
Naturally, its strength became lower, but it was enough to pierce through Bligh’s armor.
“Hyawawawah! V, Vantee!”
Had Yuit not clung to Vante, she’d have been thrown off by the tremendous shock.
“Well done! Just one more!”
“It’s not use… I have no more strength… aah…”
“T, this one hit wonder-!”
As the Iron Strategist’s abuse echoed, Laila’s figure disappeared inside the cloud of dust Bligh formed.

That was what the Queen’s Army saw when they arrived to the battlefield: the figure of one beautiful fighter battling the Rebel Army leader, Annelotte.
“Hey, that one… isn’t she Miss Aldra?”
Although they were now Claudette’s subordinates, quite a number of them had become soldiers in the era of the previous Queen Aldra.
“There’s no mistake. Even if her appearance has changed, that’s Miss Aldra.”
The soldiers raised cheers.
In a way of battling reminiscent of the Queen’s Blade the current Queen had forbidden, their former master Aldra had taken the lead and was fighting the Rebel Army leader.
“Aldra! Aldra! Our Aldra!”
The soldiers’ cheers jogged up Aldra’s memories.
“I… for what purpose…”
When Aldra closed her eyes, a scene from when she was a child appeared in her mind, of a small hand holding hers… The figure of a gentle, smiling mother. Far away from the present, a scene from the past that was no more.
“That’s right. For me, it was certainly my younger sister…”
Her mother was attacked, and Aldra escaped with her younger sister. But, by the time she realized, the warmth of her younger sister’s hand holding hers was there no more, and she was alone.
She became a Queen as she summoned a dweller from the Netherworld called Delmore in order to look for her younger sister, and Queen’s Blade continued.
She believed that one of these days, her younger sister would appear…
“I remembered… all of it.”
Aldra smiled gently, and extended both her arms. Annelotte lowered her sword as if drawn in by that smile, and her face became buried in her ample bosom.
“Annelotte… I’ve been fighting to meet you, my sister.”
Aldra’s quiet voice and her soft warmth melted Annelotte’s demonic power. Annelotte strongly felt that a nostalgic name, so far sleeping in the depth of her memories, had come back to her.
“Sister… Al…”
Accepting the name that had come through to her naturally and unconsciously, Annelotte hugged Aldra tightly, pressing her against her chest.

-To be continued-

Even if we had to skip their proper battle for now, in the end the sisters regained their memories, and met again after like 10 years...
But still, Queen Claudette is as fierce as ever, just how many Rebel Army fighters are still in condition to fight the big boss?

Next chapter: the truth is revealed!


  1. Aww, seems Aldra and Annelotte will get a happy ending afterall, how nice!

    And big thanks for "Exiled Warrior".

  2. but are they "warriors" ? only bad combat
    and many fanservice

  3. That reminds me, was there ever any kind of book made for Cute, Dora or Lamica from Spiral Chaos? If not I might actually attempt to make one, but there aren't many images.

    1. It's unlikely that there will ever be, so see if you can.

      Though yeah, it's seems hard to even find 5 pics of each. You'd have to combine more chars and have each do their thing, like the 7 stakes...

    2. Might consider making it like the Ymir and Eirin book with Lamica and Dora to begin with.

    3. Guess it'll have to work that way to begin with. I'm just at a bit of a loss here. We have pretty much some of the hottest characters from different games banded together under one program. It's going to be tough to see who else gets thrown in the mix, but I don't want to give up and start using more than one female character from a series.