Monday, July 23, 2012

Queen's Blade Grimoire: Characters preview

This month's Hobby Japan Magazine gave a little more info on Grimoire, namely, a sneak preview of the first four characters, and a brief introduction.

First off, there's our heroine, Alicia the "User of the Darkness in Wonderland" (不思議の国の闇使い  アリシア), by Kurehito Misaki a.k.a Cradle:

Then Kaguya, "Princess of the Magic Sword" (魔装剣姫 カグヤ) , by Saitom:

Zara, "Demon Hunter of Little Red Riding Hood" (赤頭巾の魔狩人 ザラ), by Fool's:

And Tina, "The Little Mermaid" (人魚姫 ティーナ), by series regular Eiwa:

Also, the small introduction of the story:

Probably, in the next few weeks we'll get this info expanded in the official site, so I'll wait until that to translate the rest (because it'll be more comfortable to make out the words, basically).


  1. That mermaid... Pretty huge. :|

    ...Also I noticed da figuroes on the page with our heroine; them figuroes are coming so soon? :O

    I am suprised considering that Rebellion didn't seem to get milked enough. :<

    1. Well, Annelotte's figure came out 3 months after her gamebook, and apart from Eilin, Laila and Aldra, all the other Rebellion chars seem to have gotten their Excellent Model figures.

  2. Oooh I like Alicia. She kinda looks like a sexier version of Charlotte from Portrait of Ruin. So if they're fighting with Grimoires, does this mean we're going to be seeing like book on book battles animated? Also a rather unusual euphemism. I wonder how these will impregnate the atmosphere and the lives of the new characters.

    1. Seeing how they're openly displaying their weapons and none of them have a book, maybe what they meant is that they'll somehow use techniques based on the fairytales? (especially with Zara's cute "little bad wolf" there)

      Though I still don't get what tale Kaguya is supposed to represent...

    2. Kaguya is from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, which is Japan's oldest folktale.

      From this preview, it seems like Queen's Blade Grimoire is meant to be another Queen's Gate - a series completely separate from the "main" QB/QBR continuity; what makes this different is that whereas Queen's Gate was based around existing existing characters, Queen's Blade Grimoire is meant to be based around using characters from fairy-tales.

      ...which I suppose makes Queen's Gate's Alice even more of an odd character out.

    3. That's where Kaguya is from? Since the other girls mention the fairytale tale in their title, I guess I was centering too much on the so-called "magic sword"...

      And yeah, Grimoire is separate from Leina's and Annelotte's world, but they do celebrate a "Queen's Blade" tournament as well, I wonder if there's anything connecting the 3 series?

    4. Well, QB is made in Japan for Japan.
      The other tales are not Japanese, so they have to tell which tale is.

      I only hope that Alicia is also based on American's McGee Alice, rather than only Disney's Alice.

    5. i think it might be some kind of transformation thing, where the grimoire is kind of a transformational medium for them. besides, i couldnt see Tina moving about as a mermaid all the time, but what do i know?

    6. That sounds quite appealing. One can imagine what kind of lewd techniques they'll come up with based on these tales.

    7. Any word on F.S. will make anything for Grimoire?

    8. No F.S. yet, but he can't be that far ahead. Though, his girls always manage to come in 6th place, don't they? (both Echidna and Luna Luna)

    9. true, slightly uncanny lol. i've seen some of his original artwork, and its pretty creative, just wondering what he might make for a more fantasy related QB.

    10. Do you have a link to any of his works prior to Queen's Blade? I'm kinda curious, especially since Melona is my favorite character.

      click the letters and whatnot to see the images.

    12. He has a really cool looking photo itsCG - o,v on that page. wouldnt mind seeing her as a Journey to the West version of QB.

    13. Thanks. I like his monster drawings especially. Sorta has that eldritch abomination quality to them. He could illustrate for an adaptation of HP Lovecraft stories.

  3. Alicia reminds me of Alice from the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

    1. Pretty sure that's the idea,

      Alice in Wonderland
      Tale of the Bamboo Cutter
      Little Red Riding Hood
      Little Mermaid

      Who knows what other stories they might drag out...Three little pigs? Hansel and Gretel? Wizard of Oz?

  4. That mermaid's pretty big but I was kinda hopping for Cattleya big :(

  5. I wonder when this series will officially launch. Especially since they have yet to announce the release date for Marshland Witch Werbellia. Alicia and Zara are defiantly on my list of must own books, but I do want to see how Kaguya and Tina will play.

  6. Hi leecherboy! Nice Queen's Blade site! :)
    I went ahead and roughly translated the summary that was written in the magazine. The next series looks really really interesting!


    "Hey grandmother, tell me a story!"
    "Okay. How about I tell you the best story that I know?"

    It's a story that takes place in a separate world.

    Melfare, the country of endless summer.

    It was a peaceful world, where humans and other species lived alongside magic.
    However, when the "Witch of Winter" arrived suddenly, we knew that our endless summer was coming to an end.
    According to the astrologists' predictions, She who defeats the Witch must be wielding the legendary sword called "The Queen's Blade."
    Thus, the "Naked Queen," who rules the country, gathered the most confident, beautiful warriors from all over the world and started a tournament which would find out who the most suitable warrior was.
    But the beautiful warriors who gathered were not here to save the world.... Instead, the tournament was filled with the most outrageous bunch of girls you'll ever hear of.

    1. Thanks a lot! It's nice not having to do all the work for once :D

      Just one thing (not to nitpick, I promise), I thought it was supposed to be the "Devil of Winter" (冬の魔王), not the "Witch of Winter", implying it's male.

  7. Wow before I was only slightly interested in Queen's Blade Grimoire, but now I'm REALLY HYPED, I love the fact that they are using characters from various fairy tales, but I wouldn't know who Kaguya was if I hadn't just seen the Inuyasha movie with her in it about a month ago.

    Anyways I can't wait for the characters to start coming out, but I hope they bring Werbelia (Wervelia?) out soon since I'm excited about her too.

    Also somebody commented that they hoped Alicia was based on Alice from the American Mcgee, games, and not the Disney version... uhhhhhhh are people forgetting that Alice is originally from a couple of books, that came out about a hundred years before the American Mcgee games, or the Disney version?
    This is like the Queen's Blade version of it so since Tina obviously has nothing to do with the Disney version of the Little Mermaid, they are pretty obviously going straight from the books, but with their own quirky versions of the characters.

    Anyways love the character designs, and can't wait for the characters to come out <3 Zara's "Little Bad Wolf" since she is a Demon Hunter will she be like an adult Baby Bonney Hood from Darkstalkers Kashira?