Thursday, April 6, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Cattleya (1)

For the "what you would have done to the witch" poll, "finish her" won with 19v-51%, followed by "capture and imprison her" with 10v-27%. After that, there was "let her go" with 8v-21%.
Hm, not very merciful fellas, huh? Though, then again, turnabout is fair play, as they say...

Next poll, the 7 sin gals' anime is actually gonna start after all these years, hype or nay? (In case you haven't seen the 2 PVs, here they are)

It's now time to talk about our married woman here, how did they even come up with her...? Also, cell division...?


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  1. As much as i want to curb stomp that crab abomination, I dont have a heart to do it. Plus i dont want Airi or Melona to desipate or hate me.