Thursday, April 20, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Cattleya (3)

(Update: added votes & percentages)

Leecher's out on some kind of adventure so it's up to me to hold the fort! 

Queen's Blade Unlimited still hasn't had much news yet... so we felt the need to ask, what kind of focus would you like from it?
1st Balanced - Have light hearted elements, have mature themes, have laughs, have a mix of it all depending on when the story calls for it. Also fanservice. (QB Classic Anime, QB Mangas, etc): 34v-46%.
2nd Fanservice Heavy - Forget anything too focused when it comes to story or delving into themes and such, just work on bringing out the most sexy situations possible within the screentime allowed. (To Love Ru Darkness, QB Vanquished Queens, QB OVAs, etc): 23v-31%.
3rd Serious - Focus on more darker themes with a more serious story than ever before and the exploration of mature elements. With the sexual elements integrated naturally. (Berserk, Gantz, etc): 9v-12%.
4th Light Hearted - Let it be more light-hearted with comedic elements and a more optimistic view on the setting mixed with story. Still has fanservice of course. (Konosuba, QB Anthologies, QB Drama CDs, etc): 6v-8%.
5th -   Something Else... but without fanservice! - It could be an action focused series with very little male-gaze on the girls or something that explores the world in a more documentary style way with little focus on mid-battle wardrobe malfunctions... but either way, QB could use less fanservice for once!: 1v-1%.

Maaaaan, as much as I thought the QB Anime was... a passing grade, I figured you guys would want something a little different than yet another go around at the same basic premise from last time! *Sigh* The will of the fandom, I guess! I totally think a comedy would kill it though...

Anyhow, time for some more Catt! 
Oh, and no new poll from us this week, given me and Leecher being pretty busy these last few days! 
But don't you worry, we'll have stuff back in order for you guys next week!
See ya then!

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  1. Thinking about it, QB second season was more serious, that's one of the strenght season 1,2 and Beautiful Fighters had: having different tone from a season to another.