Thursday, March 30, 2017

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Menace (6)

For the "Liliana obeying the witch" poll, "I'm in", "I guess I owe her" and "I'd go along with it while waiting for my chance" won, with little difference between the options (11v-29%, 10v-27%, 9v-24% respectively). Lastly, there were "I'd have to think it over" and "never!" with 4v-10% and 3v-8%.
Heh, a majority of naughty boys in here I see :D

Next poll is related to the actual Rebellion ending, where Airi vowed to resurrect her Mistress one day. If you had been the hero there, what would you have done in that scenario?

Moving along, here's the end of the Menace pages, including a rare treat involving lots of autographed posters.


Next: Cattleya!

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  1. You actually translated those rebellion chapters?? i don't remenber that ! I got to read them !