Thursday, April 13, 2017

Queen's Blade 2007 Summer Designs: Cattleya (2)

On the 7 sins gals poll redux, "anticipating it like you wouldn't believe" and "very interested" won with 19v-33% and 18v-31%, followed by "not entirely sold" with 13v-21%, and then there were "no thanks" and "the 7 what now?" with 4v-7% and 3v-5%.
You know, comparing with the results from the last time we asked this, we have a lot more people hyped about this, plus apparently more people have heard about it now.
In any case, it's supposed to start tomorrow, right? Guess we'll see what they're made of :)

For next poll, we know Unlimited is supposed to be "stronger" and "more intense", but what should its general tone be?

And here's one additional serving of our Cattleya!



  1. does anyone know exactly how much that sword of hers actually weighs?

    1. weight of (her both breast) x2

    2. Due to the inconsistent nature of the full lenght of her sword, Itd be tough to find anything concrete. If you look at the trivia I added on her Qb wiki entry you can see it varies a lot. Still, if we could confirm the material its made out of then we could guesstimate a minimum weight at least.

    3. Well, her thing is making high-quality weapons from low-cost iron, right?

    4. I say it must be pretty heavy, In the anime, Leina had to drag it out of her house so It must weigh a couple of hundred pounds

    5. Come to think of it, a simple solution is just to look at Guts from Berserk and his sword, since they're more or less similar and remove a bit of weight due to the splice at the center of Cattleyas version. People estimate Guts to be swinging around a 400 pound behemoth, so Cattleya must be swinging around at least 75% of that herself.