Thursday, July 21, 2016

Queen's Blade : Mobile / Card Drop Part 1

Welp, if you're seeing this, then chances are we hit a small snag with the upload schedule for one reason or another and we're now in a fair bit of a tizzy trying to fix up whatever problem it is we have to currently deal with! Great!

We here at the QB Battle Blog do enjoy sticking to our weekly schedule whenever possible though, so instead of our regularly scheduled QB Showdown release this week, I, Final Agent, will be dumping some of the cards I found in the QB Mobile game for you guys to gawk at.

 But first, poll time! So who is on board with the latest fad and who isn't, let's find out :

Pokemon Go is all the rage these days, are you in?
1rst - Nope, not interested thanks. (25 Votes / 49%)
2nd - ...It's not available in my country yet. (12 Votes / 24%)
 3rd - Playing it and having some fun. (9 Votes / 18%)
 4th - Playing it and having a blast!! (4 Votes / 8%)
 5th - ...It's not available in my country, but I still have it anyhow. (1 Vote / 2%)

Interesting stuff, looks like we either don't have all that many mobile players or we're going down in the number of pokemon players around here, well at least we won't have to worry too much about our visitors walking into trees or open traffic or anything. I'm playing the game myself and having a pretty fun time honestly.

As for the new poll, is it just me, or is Snow White kind of psychotic? Let us know what you think!

And now for the cards...

Hmm? 'Why didn't I post this dump before if I've had it all along?' I think I hear some of you ask? Hoo boy, you guys have no idea just how much rare QB stuff we have hidden away that we can't really release in mass due to a lack of man power, regretful stuff but what can you really do?

So with that out of the way, along with our sincerest apologies for those who were hoping for more Witch shenanigans this week, allow us to offer you this link with a few of my better cards (since of course, I don't own every single card in the game, you know...).

Enjoy everyone!
Here's hoping we'll be back on track next week!


  1. Thank you very much!!! ^^
    Love to see Nyx's cards!! !

    1. No prob, the game has a few more Nyx cards I don't own though.

  2. I loved some of the artwork on the cards especially the different costumes for some of them.

    1. It basically does that mobile thing of themed events, so a whole bunch of the rare cards are that. They even have some of the rebellion girls in different outfits too, Sigui primarily.