Friday, July 15, 2016

Grimoire OVA 2 PV + Cinderella up for preorder!

So yesterday, HJ posted the PV of the OVA 2:

Seems to be very, very Tiina-centered, but Kaguya does pop up for a while. Also, Tiina's boobs are quiite shiny, what do you know. Also, turns out the OVA includes the first Alleyne rebellion OVA (+bonus), so maybe there's a chance we get at least another OVA including Sigui's OVA?

Aaand, just a little while ago, Cindy became available for preorder (only the version including the OVA?):

No info yet on preorder bonuses, we'll have to wait a bit for those yet. Go, Grimoire, go~!

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