Thursday, July 7, 2016

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Showdown (1/5)

For the poll about the Witch's title, "Swamp Witch" and "Marshland Witch" won with 27v-42% and 18v-28%, followed closely by "Witch of the Swamp" with 14v-21%, then "Swampland Witch" and "Bog Witch" ended up last with 3v-4% and 2v-3%
Hm, all this time having her as the "Marshland Witch" and there's still people who prefer "Swamp Witch" (among them, my gleeful partner)... You guys know her title as "Bog Witch" was basically confirmed once, right? ^^U

As for the next poll, here's a funky one about weapons!

So now... what's this, the very first appearance of the witch, predating her book and VQ OVA3 by at least a year and a half? Yep it is~, the very way she showed up in the 3rd volume of the illustrated stories. I'd introduce her a bit further, but let's have Airi and Melona do the honors, shall we?


Plus as promised, my waifu's CD drama, this time without blur, what would probably have gotten us sanctioned at Youtube or something:

Download it here/here, and enjoy!


  1. Bogs really make more sense when you get down to it, but all in all, itd make for a lame villain name.

    So i'm glad the only "confirmation" we have is a mild one and not a full out announcement type. Her official english title remains a work in progress that we can mess with!

    Now to get some pull on Welveria over Werbellia...

  2. Hey guys! do you remenber all those commissioned work from DA? Well I commssioned 2 drawing to Tasselcat and I just posted them on my DA account.

    Well, these are not Queen's Blade pictures, but still there is an elf and a fighter, and I like Tasselcat style, soooo... Thought I could tell you about it^^
    I think Leecher, if you think it is wrong to post non-QB links here, I suppose you still can delete my post^^

    1. Well, just because it's Tasselcat, I'm not gonna delete the comment... but I'd very much rather it be QB art, to be honest :p

    2. I don't see why we'd delete it just because it's not related to Queens Blade, I mean, as long as it's not spam I'm fine with whatever.

      And yeah, Tasselcat is just great to work with.

      I remember listening to the Donjon de Naheulbeuk when I was in high school, hilarious stuff. The elf is one hot hippy, shame she'll friendly fire an arrow in your ass in a fight.

      Ill have to post my new comms sometime soon, along with the other rare stuff I found.