Thursday, June 2, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (15/20)

On the hypothetical Rebellion anime revival poll, "complete season 2" won with 32v-49%, followed closely by "redo it entirely" with 29v-44%, and lastly followed "let it rest" with 4v-6%. Hm, considering how the anime deviated from the Illustrated stories, I'd like it to be remade, too :p

Let's see, next poll is... oh, that Overwatch thingie I keep hearing about? Sure, bring it on!

Now, things aren't looking good for Menace...?



  1. Well, considering you are making an Overwatch poll, wouldn't have been better ask something like "which Overwatch character would you like to see in a QB book?" or something like that.

    Personally not have much interest in the game itself (60€+paying a psn+ subscription to play some friendly matches is too much for me) but the designs of the characters are gorgeous, every single girl is waifu tier and there is a shit ton of fanart of them.

    1. 40$ by itself on PC for me, so I didn't find it that bad.

      As for the question, it would be, but only if this blog has enough people who kinda care about it. I mean, if everyone answers on the poll that they're getting sick about it, then the QB book thing would have probably fallen a little flat, lol. Maybe next week!