Thursday, May 26, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (14/20)

Concerning the poll about 2nd bustiest woman after Cattleya, Melpha overwhelmingly won with 71v-57%, then Welveria, Seiten and Tiina trailed behind with 15v-12%, 12v-9% and 10v-8%, and lastly Branwen, Goldie and Echidna tied with 5v-4%.
Well, we pretty much expected these results, so nothing more to... wait, this just in, my partner tells me that's not how it goes? It should be Seiten with 97, a tie with Melpha and Werbellia at 96, a tie with Branwen and Goldie at 95, Echidna with 94 and lastly Tiina with 92? ...Oh, shoot :p

Then next poll, what if Rebellion anime came back, how should it go about it?

And now, the fight begins for real! You might also notice that there's barely any pause since the end of the previous track and the beginning of this one, fancy that.



  1. Retcons, reeboots and remakes are the things I most hate in my favorite works of fiction so..."Just finish following the direction of S1" is my choice

  2. I was honestly happy to see so many people stand up for Melphas slot of '2nd' banana to Cattleya, shame she was dethroned.

  3. Well a semi remake of Rebellion would be nice> Get rid of dumb stupid episodes like episode 2. and keep to the main theme. Needless to say I like Annelotte better than Reina cause she has an actual goal. They should make a season 2 So we can see the final showdown between the good girls and the Swamp Witch.

  4. Since I read the source material, I voted for a remake. The anime itself was alright for a story from left field compared to the source.

  5. Leecherboy, might you know of any site that has the images from that gree Queen's Blade mobile game? I've searched high and low, but you know many more sources than I.

    I've seen other sites like this one that has all the cards for SBM, but that's obviously much more popular.

    1. Nah, I don't think so.

      My partner was trying to get them in-game, but considering how much it relies on in-app purchases, I don't know if he's having any luck.

    2. Oh alrighty, well thanks anyway.