Thursday, June 23, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (19/20)

For the previous poll about Grimoire ending with Cinderella, "could have a couple more characters" and "it can keep going!" won with 18v-35% and 17v-33%, followed closely by "I don't want it to end!!" with 12v-23%, and lastly "it can rest easy now" and "should have done with ages ago!" with 2v-3%.
Well, how could it end already? We barely have half the usual artists participating, what about the shy Irma-like gal, the cheeky Nanael-type or an overly serious Alleyne-styled one...?

Now, Melona poll, would you stay or leave in her stead...?

And, the two friends separated for so long get a chance to meet again~



  1. It's almost over. sniff.

    Any new QB news.
    OVA2, Kaguya figure?

    Speaking of Kaguya, how goes the translation on her book?

  2. No QB news I can see for now, but the official site does have a few new goods, like a Kaguya pillow cover or something.

    Regarding her release in full english, hm, I thought my pal intended to do Seiten first...

    1. In fact, Saitom did retweet about the cover in question, doesn't look bad: