Thursday, June 16, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (18/20)

For the poll about Senran Kagura, a tie at the last minute won between "I like it" and "I'm a big fan" with 22v-41%, followed by far with "I'm neutral" with 5v-9%, and lastly a tie between "I dislike it" and "haven't heard/looked into it" with 2v-3%.
Hm, you know, I was pretty hyped about playing the game on PC at last... but I ended up liking the mechanics from Neptunia Action Unleashed a lot more :p

Now next poll, how about Cinderella theoretically being last Grimoire...?

And, the battle ended. Fun fact: this track is called "I'm sorry, Menace", and you can even see the pic below... but Melona technically never apologizes, what do you know.


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