Sunday, May 1, 2016

Queen's Blade Grimoire Anime Visuals (3)

Heh, I just knew the HJ magazine did have more information than what we saw. So, here are the visuals of the 2nd OVA, as found by my partner this time:

Plus, Cinderella's full pic, that does confirm her artist as Saburou, like our buddy Blabladodo guessed just a couple days ago:

New gal's profile coming soon-ish!


  1. Kaguya xD!!!

    Does Kaguya not have facial expressions like Tina's?

  2. Not Bad But Cindi's choice of weapon is rather wierd.
    An axe? Why not an ice sword. Can't wait to see what her back story is about!!

  3. Cinderella is probably my favorite Grimoire character based on her design alone.
    Can't wait for her profile.