Thursday, May 12, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (12/20)

Edit (05/13): In what was no small feat, fixed the comments again, this time apparently due to Googlecode's migration to Github :p

For Cinderella's poll, "looks great" and "looks good" won with 42v-50% and 22v-26%, followed by "kinda dumb~" and "fine" with 8v-9% and 7v-8%, with last option being "kinda dumb..." with 4v-4%.
Yay, glad to see most people like her, it's become kinda trendy lately to say that Grimoire's designs are noisy, oversophisticated and whatnot :p

Next poll... uh, new Pokemons? Well fine, I guess we can roll with that. "Must collect their entirety!", as I hear they say.

Now, Menace's story slowly approaches the climax, with Nowa's obvious cameo.



  1. Isn't the sentence "gotta catch 'em all?"

    1. Oh, you mean I misheard?

      I guess there's also the chance that I did it on purpose, in what in retrospect might not be a very funny joke ^^U

  2. Man, good job with this translation, i have this book and it's really awesome to see that someone is doing this.

    1. Yup, for Menace fans like us, this had a long time coming~