Thursday, April 28, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (10/20)

Concerning the poll about my very own QBB, "play it on occasion" won by a hair's breadth with 15v-29%, followed closely by "can't say I do" and "keep up to date" with 13v-25% and 12v-23%, with "tried it once or twice" and "not interested" being last with 6v-11% and 5v-9%. Whaaat, did you guys even see the blog's name? :D Well, the people interested still make a good percentage, in any case.

So next poll, since Cinderella shouldn't be the last, what kind of Grimoires would you rather see?

And, here's the first extra track of Menace's story that was nowhere in the book, yay! Since it clearly had no pic, we went with the first one, that kind of matches the content.


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