Thursday, April 21, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (9/20)

Regarding Tomoe's poll, "proud warrior" won with 27v-45%, "kind friend" and "naive child" trailed behind with 15v-25% and 13v-22%, while the "fierce fighter" option ended up last with 4v-6%. Well, Eiwa usually draws gals featuring most of those traits, doesn't he ^^U

As for next poll, why, it's my very own thingie~

So now, Menace's story continues, with my least-favorite act of them all, oh well...



  1. I'm afraid I have to answer "NOPE" to current poll. I'm here for the news about QB and the translations and other material :P

  2. Any news from HJ magazine?
    Been waiting months just for Kaguya's Anime character design!!!!

    1. Oh hey, I hope you could pick that copy of the Alicia card you wanted?

      And well, I haven't heard about there being news about the OVA (which is weird if they're still aiming for a spring release), but...

    2. I managed to order my copy of he Alicia card xD!
      Though now I wish I picked up a Binders worth, sold out very fast. is not worth shopping from. too complicated.

      So does this mean that there is no QB new from HJ this month or you haven't seen yet?

    3. Hm, to be honest, it means that I heard a rumor a couple days ago about some news... but it's uncool for me to say without first seeing any kind of pics.

    4. I swear I will flip a table if it's what I suspect it will be, Leecher. I sweaaaar.

    5. Of course.
      Giving out big news like that with no evidence to back it up isn't cool!

      I hope you do get the official info.

      COME ON KAGUYA!!!!!

    6. Oh look, we were all lucky this time, and my pal didn't even need to flip a table.