Friday, April 1, 2016

QB Battle 46.0

Mirrors: App + Media (update) + Extra + Fanmade
Sendspace: App + Media (update) + Extra + Fanmade
Craziest update ever? Quite possibly so!

Not to be outdone by Street Fighter V (lool), this update drops with not only a slew of bug fixes and some AI corrections, but also the newest DLC character, Snow White!

She doesn't appear to be based on any LW character, her overall 62% move effectiveness means she beats Tiina in the battle for the Grimoires' top spot by a really tiny margin, and the average damage she takes places her in the middle of the list, not too shabby. She really overdoes it with her summoning mirror, it's quite easy for her to power-up her attacks quasi-permanently, and she can still fight back even when disarmed. Watch out for her apple game!

And that's not all, there's also a lot of new stuff to teach you how to play the chars, including mini-guides adapted from the guides our pal Charles wrote! I don't say this a lot, but hit the jump to see the rest! :3

Our pal has only made guides for 8 chars so far, but eh, as long as he keeps bringing good stuff, it's not like we're in a hurry. You can choose to see these now while you're selecting your moves:

Then finally, here's the bulk of this update, that took me some ungodly amount of hours to add: the advanced tutorials! After you complete the 31 basic ones, now you have some 230 specialized trials to try and clear among the whole QB cast, averaging 3-4 per character. In fact, you can go straight ahead and start learning about Snow's quirks! Can you do them all? :3 (I don't think they are hard, except for a few~)

I did test them all properly, but due to the sheer amount of them, I'm sure I must have screwed up somewhere. So, let me know if any of them don't work as they should, if the wording is too wonky, or if your favorite girl has some special gimmick I've overlooked!

Hope you like them!


  1. HELLA Awesome!!!
    Snow White is pretty cool xD!
    Though we all know Alicia is cooler among the 2!!

    I hope Kaguya gets a translation eventually.

    Say, was there any note-worthy info in HJ magazine?

    1. Well, Kaguya is basically Grimoire's poster gal, and my partner's already pretty much claimed her for translation, so we don't need to worry about that.

      But no, doesn't seem like we had any QB news last month (we didn't even get an April Fools either :p)

    2. HELLA YEAH xD!!!!
      Can't for Kaguya's translation!!

      Also that's a shame.
      Well it's still not that surprising.
      I imagine there is a very high chance that we'll get new info by the next issue given how OVA 2 is due for release this Spring.

      Though info on the Kaguya figure would be nice too!

  2. Man that Snow White is really tough!! Can't tell you how many times I got "Appled" to death!! She has so many strikers, She'd fit in well in Fighting games like KOF and MVC. Is anyone gonna make anymore fan based characters for the game? I would persnoally like to see Someone form Kill La Kill or hell my fave Fighting villains, Akuma, Geese Howard or Bison someday.

  3. Amazing update, the last one taught me how to play and now this one will teach me how to play well.
    Keep up the great work!