Thursday, February 11, 2016

Drama CDs: Tomoe Character Drama

About the previous poll on the Grimoire OVA, "I plan on checking it out!" and "saw it already!!" won with 23v-41% and 13v-23%. After that, there was "I'll probably check it out sometime" and "wait, it was ripped already!?" with 12v-21% and 7v-12%. Lastly, "0 intention of watching it" got 1v-1%, and "don't really plan on watching it" got no votes.
Well, the reception seems positive so far, they went out of their way to weave the fairytales into the narrative so I was quite pleased with it, too.

Next poll, how about playing on PC that QB game my partner keeps playing to collect all them cards?

And here's Tomoe's stuff. Not a lot to say, because the title describes it perfectly: this is indeed "Tomoe and Shizuka's little talk about "that" ".


Next: Elina!


  1. Is there an Alleyne one out there?
    Or is it Nowa's?

    1. It was Nowa's, yeah. Elina will actually be the last of these short ones.