Thursday, February 18, 2016

Drama CDs: Elina Character Drama

For the previous poll about playing the card game on PC,  "willing to give it a shot" and "I'd be interested but no time" won with 35v-56% and 15v-24%. Then, there were "interested in just the cards" and "already tried it out" with 7v-11% and 5v-8%, and no one voted on the "not interested on the game or the cards".
Truth be told, we aren't really sure how you go straight to play the PC version though, lol...

Then next poll, Kyuel conjecture time! Good timing too, since next week the HJ Magazine should have some news...?

Now, bringing an end to these short, character-focused dramas, here's Elina! Does this manage to make her (of all people) sound cute? I think it might!


Oh, and I made a playlist with all these together, for reasons!

So what's coming next? Who knows :p Decisions, decisions...


  1. hey!!!
    Did someone heard the end of this??
    damn, this end is just so... dissapoiting, that's not a real ending!! ><

    1. What, did you want to hear how Elina got her way with her big sis? lol

    2. Yes! at least if she succeed or if Reina onee-chan kicks her out of the bathroom^^

  2. I can only hope! Urushihara is my favourite h-artist of all time, a QB book by him would be paradise

  3. it's been a while, but I see you're still at it! Always glad to know that much within this circle! After so long I at last scored my Melona book thanks in turn towards a JP friend of mine, so I had wanted to peek my head in here and see how it was doing!

    Apparently a while back I had read that a few people would be interested in learning the basics of how the game works and the like, and I think I'm at the stage were I could sit down, and squeak out a basic ordeal of "How Lost World/Queens Blade works, and how to play it better then "Pick random attacks, hope to win".

    1. Oh hey, really been a while indeed!

      Now that you mention it, we're hoping to edit a couple chars in english soon (within a week hopefully?), and while I'm at it I'll update the game with a basic tutorial thingie to at least show the basic maneuvers for now.

      Looking forward to seeing what you got in mind too, though!