Thursday, February 25, 2016

Drama CDs: Menace's Biography (1/20)

For the poll about Kyuel getting a book, "sincerely doubt she will" won with 19v-57% to "totally think she will", with 14v-42%. Oh well, time will tell, right...?

Then next poll, granted, we're still in the middle of releasing drama CDs, but how do they stack against the freetalks so far?

And lo and behold, here's my waifu again~, it's a small world.
So, remember the first QB thingie I ever translated, Menace's story drawn by FS? Well, this is her drama CD which no one had managed to translate so far, the idea is to release a track per week.
The only drawback is that since FS' art is so~ lewd here, we're going to have to blur the pics a little for Youtube not to flip out. But fret not, for we'll release a "director's cut" version for download after we're finished, with the proper pics.



  1. Ahh, Menace, i love you, and F.S's work in general...if only your book was better ;w;
    Glad to have that all done and done though! I'll be looking forward towards the not blurred version ;3

    On other news though, I did my little guide like I said I would, it's up over at my workblog, so take a peek and give it a once over if you wish! I hope this does a good job on making understanding attacks, and the logic behind them, a lot easier.

    1. It looks pretty good! The 3d fighting game comparison is golden, since it's literally what it is.
      But hm, when I saw those grids, I wondered how you'd differentiate a down swing from a thrust high...
      Also, I think the part about the hurtboxes is tricky here, since the 12/42 fakes are famously defeated by blocks, plus I found that the most effective counter against them seems to be 28/32 respectively.

      Since you shared that, here's a rundown of the basic tutorial thingie I was going to go with, plus a preview of the advanced/individual tutorials after that:

      It's not my style to give previews for upcoming stuff, but then again, I've been wanting to release this feature for a while~

    2. And aside from that, when I asked my partner, he said that maybe we'd also need something like an explanation of each character's tools and weaknesses, like a popup showing a bit of a general meta-analysis of the char to help you figure out your options.
      That does sound like the character analysis you wrote back then, do you think I should add that to QBB?

      Oh and speaking of which, maybe you saw last time, but my theory of "each char has a different number of head/arm/body/leg wounds" seems to have panned out, so here's how the Grimoires look with that new stat:

    3. Well, from how I understood it, a 'Swing:Strong' for most character's was kinda like the 'Jump in heavy attack' for this game. Honestly I always pictured most orange making you 'hop' to some degree, putting you slightly aerial, and in the case of the Swing, hitting high at that. So in the case of 28 vs 12, my example is actually fitting! Given then the 'Fake out' hurtbox is high, and the player doing the jump in is high and hitting high, they dodge the fake and punish with a very powerful blow!
      Same logic behind 32 vs 42, as they 'step in' to attack, letting you smack them across the head with the 'faster' swing. That's about the one thing I DIDN'T touch was the idea of 'attack speeds', but I already felt I was trying to explain far too much in too short a time span.

      It's...hard to really give a great visual without using direct 3D models of some kind and squares in that to show off the real meat and bones of what's going on, but I kinda hope the grid idea was enough to let people picture it better in turn. I like the tutorial you've got developing though, as that's a more direct hands on experience, then reading a guide and theory crafting from that.

      I like the calculator now giving out the 'average damage' aspect, as that's something I didn't directly touch on with my guides way back when. I chances are could sit down and develop some 'play-by-play' guides though onto what type of strategy each gal is good at, and what they should be trying to preform while keeping in mind the opponent's counter-plays. Yet I couldn't see myself going beyond say the Queens Blade set of books, just due towards time and energy to really give out good details for each. Now if that should be directly part of QBB, or if that should be a side project like a wiki or something ( and if the latter, I might try to get onto that shortly ), I kinda leave up towards you. But at least a short little snap with say Arcade mode saying what they are skilled at doing wouldn't hurt at all! Would help expand on the Profile part as well!

    4. Oh, that explanation of down swing does work indeed. I always saw it as each basic attack belonging to each x-y-z axis: like if we're comparing to games like Soul Calibur, down swings would be the standard B vertical slashes, side swings the standard A horizontal ones, and thrusts being the forward attacks like ff+B or so. I agree that it's hard to explain without a 3d visualization, though.

      Glad to hear you like the basic tutorial so far! Hopefully it can teach players not only how to succeed against certain moves, but also lets them play around and see how other moves than suggested might make them win or screw up depending on the situation.

      If you're fine with it, I guess I'll be adding your analysis somewhere in the maneuver selection popup, so that you can see it anytime no matter what mode you're choosing, and also your opponent's, if the player just wishes to.
      I'm fine with it being limited to just QB books, so it'd be awesome if you could get on with Gate and Grimoire, then~.

      A play-by-play guide sounds great, though I'm not sure if it wouldn't be something huge, considering all the QB permutations. As always, we kinda don't have a big community, so I don't know how well a wiki would work...

    5. Hello guys!
      Your explanations are cool but... as a "new player" I already noticed all of this by myself, or saw it with the explanation in QBB (those little bubbles on each attacks to describe them is awesome Leecherboy^^)

      I think what we (noob players^^) want is hints on how to win, and more informations about special characters and some special abilities.
      For example, I never played Werbellia as I don't understand how the character works, and I rarely use chracters with saint poses and/or magic as it sometmes feels useless (except Nyx, her Firebird is cool^^)

      But as we are mostly playing against bots and friends (who, for me, are more noob than me^^) I don't see how we could understand "high level" players, if there are any.

      I mean, could this game be, at high level, as much interesting as a Dead Or Alive or any video games fight?

      "need something like an explanation of each character's tools and weaknesses" I think that's what we really need.

    6. Oh and by the way Leecherboy, how is your AI... "thinking"? is the AI only doing random attacks and move or did you manage to have it "understand" players' pattern and counter them ? Or is it like on page 57, AI got 75% chances to perform a charge, 20% for thrust, 2% for something else etc. ?

    7. Ah, glad to hear more people speaking up! Seems like my partner hit the nail in the head then, hopefully Charles' analysis here and the advanced/in-depth tutorials can help complicated chars be better understood.

      Regarding the AI, lower levers are just random, while the highest level considers current bonuses, current BP (if they're above or below half BP), special moves/weapon availability and a somewhat subjective "move preferability" to give some moves more odds to come up.

      So no, it doesn't learn really from the player. I figure I could try something like keeping track of what moves you use the most/least and try to shake you up that way, but hm, it should also consider the situation you were in (weapon, etc) when you chose them, right...? Wouldn't be too easy, lol :D

    8. Yup, that w<ould be hard, but I had no idea at how you made the AI, so defeating it is kind of... hard sometimes^^ (been a while I won a tournament mode...)

  2. @Jonathan Jarry
    Well then, mind giving this a read see and telling me if this is more of what you're asking about?
    I plan on doing more of these in due time, I started with Melona as she's the one I know the most in and out of due towards continuous usage. I plan to present the best way to play them, and options to use to score for a win at that when able to, but otherwise if you feel it's lacking in some way, do let me know and I'll be more informative if I can be! =D

    1. That sounds great! I had already noticed some tactics with Melona (my nephew kept spamming the Squirt Slime and jumps^^)
      Would you do the same for charcaters like Werbellia or Menace?^^

    2. Yup! keep an eye out on this page as I update it!

      because you asked for it, I'll work on Menace next, I don't plan on touching the other saga's though till I finish up with the first series of Queens Blade, so Werbellia will be a bit delayed!

  3. Was there any new info from this weeks HJ Magazine?
    Like those Grimoire cards or the next book/OVA?

    Come to think of it has the 1st one been subbed?

    1. The answer to the 3 questions seems to be "not yet". Oh well...

    2. lol.
      Hoping for the best then.
      Crossing my fingers for Kaguya to have the main role like Alicia did in the first one.
      Hell just seeing her character design is enough to build Hype to the 10,000th degree xD!