Thursday, February 4, 2016

Drama CDs: Nanael Character Drama

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot, ANN reported that we're getting next OVA (and presumably, book) come next spring.

On the previous poll about Snow White, "looking great" and "open to being won over" got the most votes with 24v-54% and 10v-22%, while "don't care" and "already preordered!!!" trailed behind with 6v-13% and 4v-9%. No one answered "who?" this time, so that makes me a bit happy.
My partner might have this bias against Eiwa, but I'm quite looking forward to her myself ♪

Now next poll's about the OVA (wink wink, nudge nudge), how about it?

Time for Nanael's show, as self-absorbed as you might have expected!


Next: Tomoe!


  1. These or the Reina ones are fun but to be honest I like more those that are a bit more "in setting" like Menace's or Melona's they are more immersive and enjoyable for me.

    1. Well, I'll give you that Leina's was a bit "out of character", but Nanael fantasizing about men isn't really that out there...

      In any case tho, the next ones will be more in-character.

  2. So what page from Ymir's book did the Gum Card contain? Because I'm fairly certain all of them used a page from the character's books. I'm thinking of re-uploading it.

    1. Page 41, yeah. Want me to send it to you?

      You might as well try reuploading it, no matter what Mr. Asshat says, that pic of Ymir knocked down has as much visible genitalia as the Mona Lisa :p

    2. Yea you can send it my way, whenever's good for you. And yea, there's way worse stuff on the wiki than that lol.