Thursday, December 17, 2015

Queen's Blade : Rare Stuff Part 3

And we're back for yet another installment of :
Rare Stuff with Final Agent

Where we look through our stash of rare Queen's Blade swag and meticulously decide what to post and when to post it... or basically just forget all about most of it until the last minute and decide to show it off whenever. You know, whichever works.

But first, poll results!

Injustice and suffering. To meet or not meet Funikura, which fate have you all chosen?
1rst - Nyx should meet Funikura (24 Votes / 45%)
2nd - Nyx should never meet Funikura (29 Votes / 55%)

Well would you look at that! Pretty much a close call!
The polls were neck and neck all throughout week, so it looks like when it comes down to it, deciding which fate is best for Nyx just isn't a simple matter, is it? 
No matter what her fate, Nyx is destined to suffer, so when you consider that, what should matter beyond that for her? That she find power at the expense of her ideals? That she maintain her heroine of justice's heart and innocence untouched by Funikura's cruelty at the expense of a miserable future?
A shame we may never find out.

Next poll! Time for part 2 on the skin color challenge! Just how dark skinned or light skinned does Echidna seem to you?

Now with those bad feelings and our new poll out of the way, onto the rares...

First off, we have here some B&W artwork of Hansel and Gretel.
These particular pieces were bonuses given out with the initial run of their artbook and so finding them should be somewhat difficult... but apparently, all Leecher had to do was visit a site, notice they still had some books in stock advertising the pics and seeing if they'd come when he bought them.

These two didn't exactly hit it big, did they? Let's hope the OVAs change that somehow, for their sake.

Similarly, these two B&W pieces of Kasumi were also bonuses to come with her book's initial run. However, unlike Hansel and Gretel's case, this one took some work to find.
Not that it was particularly expensive actually, but as far as tough finds, this one ranks up there for sure.

They sold a lot of these kinds of things, I'm not even sure what they're supposed to be used for honestly. I mean, they're pencil boards, that much I can figure out but who in their right mind would use anime merch like 'Naked Alleyne' for something like that?

*Sigh* And here's a mysterious one. Nope, that's not your display messing up, that piece of Mirim art is just a little off. You see, that particular pic belongs to a sort of glass framed picture made from a highly reflective and sparkling material. Who made it? Why? Who knows? All I know is that I like Mirim and that's likely the reason why it ended up in my collection.

The other pic seems to have been an extra that came with early prints of Queen's Blade Rebellion Zero, nothing much else to say beyond how cute it is.

And lastly, it's time for the submissions corner!

We have one submission this time, coming from our good friend Blitzgob who submitted a somewhat higher res version of a pic done by Eiwa a while back of everyone's favorite Bandit of the Wild, Risty!
Just look at her, enjoying all that meat! And people say Risty's curse wasn't all that bad... imagine being unable to enjoy all that! The horror!

Don't forget everyone, if you have anything particularly rare piece of QB merchandise you think we don't have and you'd like to share, don't hesitate to drop us a line so we can share it with everyone else! All you have to do is either send your scans to or just leave a comment here and ask! We're sure to reply!

See you next time!

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