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Queen's Blade : Commissions Part 5

Annnd welcome back to Final Agent's Commissions'Spotlight!
Great timing too, because man do I have loads 
of neat new stuff to show off!

By Tasselcat
So let's get on with the commissions!

First, a few older pieces from Tasselcat that I didn't get to post last time, to go along with the Kaguya CG up above. 
I'm especially fond of the Kaguya bunny girl pic myself, cute isn't it?

Oh, and lemme point out something about that Nyx close up... Considering the background, I'd suggest you take a look at the previous commissions of Nyx I had Tasselcat do for me if you want that sort of 'epilogue' feel to this one.

Was her meeting Funikura a good thing, or a bad one, overall in her life?
No one can truly know, right?

By Tasselcat
By Tasselcat
By Tasselcat

By Tasselcat
By Tasselcat

And next, another amazing piece from Sefuart, with... uh... more Kaguya! 
Well isn't that an odd coincidence? Well, a least the image focuses more on Alicia this time, so no one can totally accuse of me playing favorites or anything...

Hinomars comes next, an artist with a very distinct style and whom works a lot like a ghost, you commission him, slip the money under your pillow and before you know it, you find the commission on your locked hard drive somehow.
 The Melona one has a certain charm to it, don't you think?

And then we have Xdraws, a real friendly guy and a super hard worker who does amazing 3D works along with his stellar 2D works. I figured I need a Leina commission from time to time so I asked him to handle her and I'd say he did a damn good job with her armor, considering how off model it can get from depiction to depiction and everything.

By Sefuart
By Sefuart
By Hinomars
By Hinomars
By Xdraws
By Xdraws

Now, a bunch of sketch commissions as well as 2 commissions done by Bigdeadalive!
As far as speed, pleasant results and pricing goes, here's a man I'd recommend to nearly any commission newbie if they want a simple pin up done. 
Another Leina commission here, along with a new Dorothy pic for variety's sake.
Oh, and hey! Isn't that Mage from Bikini Warriors among the sketch commissions? 
Well, she's a Hobby Japan property so... she kind of counts... right? 
Alongside her is Lamica, the adorable vampire villain from the Spiral Chaos PSP games, as always, not posting the NSFW version of commissions here but don't worry about finding that particular one, it's an easy find in the links below.

By Bigdeadalive
By Bigdeadalive
By Bigdeadalive
By Bigdeadalive
By Bigdeadalive
By Bigdeadalive

And here's a Despina dakimakura, easily one of the lewdest pics I've commissioned so far, done by Maiscore, an absolutely amazing artist with a really great style. You won't find the NSFW version of the dakimakura on his tumblr, but no worries, it's on his pixiv (and a bunch of other image collection sites like danbooru and gelbooru it would seem).

Then we have Xluxifer, I got this one as part of a summer sketches sale.
Melona and Airi with Melona waiting impatiently after Airi to head out.
Unfortunately for her, no maid can ever rest so long as a mess goes uncleaned.
I like the use of shading in this pic, 
the traditional media look is something I've always been fond of.

Next, a piece done by Arceon and boy did he work hard on this one.
Tending a shop is a lot of hard work, but when it comes to selling stuff, Ymir and Eilin are 
more than ready to do anything it takes to make sure their customers leave with a smile 
on their face and some dwarf items on their person.
I'd say the large variety of things in the pic to look at makes the piece a lot of fun visually.

And lastly, we have part 2 of a pic I had done by Awaerr a while ago, with 
Melona and Menace doing their heart hand symbol. 
Melona and Kaguya both come up a suspiciously high amount, huh?
If only Awaerr would post his commission pieces, he's got a lovely style and it really feels like he works hard on commissions, so it's a bit of a shame we can't see more of the results from that work.

By Maiscore
By Xluxifer
By Arceon
By Awaerr

And finally, we have the
Alice Corner

A while ago, an artist mentioned how neat it would be to see Alice drawn by other artists and such, considering how oddly appealing her proportions are along with her outfit.
So I figured, "Hey, that's a great idea!" and decided I'd try and get an 
Alice commission here and there from varying artists, to see exactly that.

So first we have a piece done from Freeze-Ex, who's instructions were to "render the fuck out of it" and made my unreasonable wish come true in the form of a piece that got way more attention than it deserved for what I ended up paying for. My sympathies go to his hand, which died several times during that particular livestream too. Amazing job, simply amazing.

Then we have one by Norasuko, who seemed to go the opposite direction with 
Alice and made her look even younger than usual!  An interesting choice I've gotta say, but she's adorable, so that works for me!

Another done by Bacondoeseverything, one of those 'heart hand symbols' drawings I'm so fond of. Dorothy seems to be enjoying herself a lot more than Alice is.

And lastly, a commission and sketch commission done by Bigdeadalive.
Whenever an artist attempts Alice's guns, I can't help but be really amazed when they pull it off. Bigdeadalive is fairly good at drawing 'petite' girls by the way, so Alice was right up his alley!

By Freeze-ex
By Norasuko
By Bacondoeseverything

By Bigdeadalive
By Bigdeadalive

And here we find a new section that I'm gonna call :
Commissions from Other People!

 Not the fanciest of names but they can't all be winners.
Anyways, in this segment, I post Queen's Blade (Or Hobby Japan related, I guess) commissions or art submitted by visitors of this blog, should we get any submissions that is. So if any of you ever decide to get that dream commission of Echidna playing the banjo naked while sitting on top of Tomoe, then let us know and we'll post it here for everyone to see!

As far as rules go, I'd say that if you're going to submit anything it has to :

1 - Be of a Hobby Japan related character, meaning cosplays of those characters by characters other than Hobby Japan related properties won't fly. Sorry, but I probably shouldn't post OCs dressed up as Cattleya here.

2 - Not be extremely fetishistic. Hey, I'm not judging you for your vore or girls transforming into pieces of furniture fetishes, it's just that this blog, despite the primary subject matter, does try to keep itself away from certain extremes. Feel free to ask if we'd think something is too far though, since that's often very subjective.

3 - Be of a certain quality level. Stick figures or Minecraft skins are probably not the best thing to post here, sorry! Again, another very subjective thing so don't hesitate to ask and we'll let you know, our standards aren't all that high.

If you wanna submit art you did yourself, then we can post it in this corner too. Just follow the rules up above and we'll be golden! Though, do keep in mind that if it contains nudity, I'll likely be censoring it for the sake of posting on the blog (though I'll gladly link to the original non censored pic).

Feel free to contact us at
or just post some links in one of the comments, we typically check those out too.

Anyhow! So here's a series of pieces done by Herretik for Chachazero90, submitted by Chachazero themselves! Cute aren't they? Alicia's sour disposition is captured pretty accurately here, I'd say!

By Herretik
By Herretik
By Herretik

And that's all folks!
I'll be seeing you next time!
Same Blog Spot. Same Blog Post!

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