Thursday, December 3, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cute QG (2 of 2) (End)

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Update 2: I found an alternative for the "recent comment" thingies, maybe this one's more stylish? :3

First of all, apparently I missed this, but confirmed by Eiwa himself, it looks like Snow White will be summoning both Tomoe and Annelotte as cameos in her book, nice~

On the poll about buying from Japan, "never ordered" and "sometimes" won with 22v-36% and 19v-31%, while "regularly" and "at least once" trailed behind with 12v-20% and 7v-11%. Well, gotta support the market, right?

Next poll is about our japanese representatives in the 3 QB series, who among them pulls it off the best in their own way?

So we're going with the final freetalks at last! Oh, and spoilers again. How do Jean and Cute's talks end?


Whew, that was every bit as crazy as we thought in the beginning, and then some! Not for nothing we spent like 2 years on these... ^^U Hope you guys liked them! Oh, and I made a QGSC playlist, too.

So, that's enough Spiral Chaos for now, our next project will take us back to the usual QB (and canon QB at that~). We'll be starting it next month (next year, lol), which means the following weeks we'll post some interesting stuff while we take a break.

Look forward to it~!


  1. I'm kind of mad you forgot Shizuka on the wapanese poll >:(

    1. true but she's not a main character.

    2. Story-wise she was lot more relevant than Izumi for example, and more than lot other characters.

    3. She doesn't have an artbook, that's why she didn't get in.