Thursday, October 15, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Tenko (1 of 2)

On the Valkyrie Drive poll, "looks amazing" and "undecided" won with 18v-30% and 16v-26%, followed by "looks great" and "what's that?" with 13v-21% and 8v-13%, and last were "I'll pass" and "won't be caught dead watching THAT" with 3v-5% and 2v-3%. I can't say I have much interest in it, but the guy didn't shy away from drawing all kinds of busts, now did he? :p

Next poll, a not that easy one about loudmouths in QB!

And we reached the last monster girl! No alliterations for Tenko, tho. Can Jean tame his very own kyuubi?



  1. She's my least fave of the Monster Girls.

    Still upset that the Kiss events have them change outfits, it'd be one thing if theose outfits were an extra option but they really seem forced.

    Leecherboy, what's with that announcement from QB universe?
    I looked around other places but couldn't find info to verify that.
    Not to mention announcing the OVA for this month is pretty fishy.

    1. Hm, I saw that but I don't get why they're posting it now... didn't we share those news here like half a year ago? :p

    2. I remember those posts and yeah Universes article is pretty much the same except,
      1) out this month.
      2) apparently both episodes will come together.

      As much as I would love to see Kaguya animated (Saitom confirmed she'd appear in the 2nd episode) that statement seems fishy.

      I know HJ rarely update their QB blog these days but still.
      Cross our fingers for this months HJ magazine to actually give news on the OVA.
      Always count on this site for QB info xD!
      I hope they'll be something for you guys to report next week or so.

      I was planning on ordering Alicia's book around Nov 1st but if Snow does end up released next month with a special edition with the OVA then I will so go for that instead.

    3. Hm, they kinda say that, yeah... But nope, HJ starting the Grimoire anime this month is crazy, they always give at least one month of preordering and hype before releasing things.

      That'd give us sometime around the end of November at the earliest, that does coincide with the anniversary, and also coincides with the earliest we could get Snow White, if they make up their minds :3

      I'm not sure about both chapters coming together either, it'd be too expensive, plus you'd think they want to release each chapter separately and see the reaction and stuff, probably like how VQ anime started... we should see soon, in any case :p

    4. I know, hence I said it was fishy.
      As you said they would give us at least 1 months notice for that sort of thing.

      I have never heard of such a case with 2 episodes at once, again you've already stated the reasons.
      I probably wouldn't be able to afford it beforehand.

      Again, we'll just have to hope they throw us a bone with this months issue.

      This just me but I hope we get a "Drink Me" "Eat Me" scenario when she chases the W. Rabbit through the portal xD!

      FinalAgent makes a few commissions every now and then and shows them off here.

      Don't know if it's worth doing it next time but I myself commissioned a few from a particular artist.

      Thought it'd be a shame not to bring these up here, just didn't know how to bring it up.

    5. Oh hey! Neat! Guess I should probably ask people to send commissions based on a specific guideline to our email during the next commission post.

      I'll add your pics to the next post too! How's that sound?

    6. That's fine!
      Looking forward to it.
      I'm sure Artist Herretik would love the attention as well.