Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Melissa (2 of 2)

For Snow White's early poll, "pretty good" and "amazing" took the top spots with 23v-33% and 21v-30%, then it was "alright" with 17v-24%, and lastly "bring the next char" with 7v-10% and "who?" with 1v-1%. Her great reception so far makes me a happy cat :3

Now, next poll, what's your opinion on that new thingie, Valkyrie Drive? Is it true, that rumor about Snow White having been Hiraku Kaneko's girl, but then given to Eiwa since he was too busy preparing the series...?

And we finish with Melissa, can Jean escape her petrifying boo... I mean, gaze?


Next: Tenko!


  1. Considering she's not amazing and only just "ok". She seems a slight step back for lack of lewdness, which a huge amount of fans, including myself would prefer more lewdness.

    1. If you would kindly refrain from generalizing the feelings of the fans. Lewdness is nice, but it's not everything and sometimes you have to learn to manage lewdness to make an overall better product.

      I'm not a fan of Snow White, but that's hardly the reason why I'm not crazy about her.