Thursday, October 29, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Aine (1 of 2)

About the previous poll on Curses, Risty's Unsatisfiable turned out the worst with 27v-42%, followed by Tomoe's Blind and Maria's Narcolepsy with 14v-21% and 11v-17%. In last place fell Claudette's Amplification and Alleyne's Isolation, with 7v-10% and 5v-7%. Hedonism FTW, isn't that right~?

Then, next poll is an unusual one, you know how we released Despina in full, glorious English? Well our pal Luis has joined us to try and give other Grimoires the same treatment, who'd you want next? You can choose up to 2, btw.

And now, last DLC char! Will Jean get to know better our sophisticated gal with the crazy speech?



  1. What's with the Hobby Japan Character Festival next week?

    1. Well, now that's a good question, but then again, I can't really see any QB related news in there, so... :p

    2. Fair enough.
      Hopefully we'll get something.

      Those Anime Character Designs were pretty Awesome!

      Lovin Alicia xD!

    3. Apparently this is what people could see there, just a very few anime sketches towards the end, plus Aldra's figure:

    4. God dammit I just came back from Japan I missed that... sorry dudes, whish I send you pics by myself^^