Monday, October 12, 2015

Queen's Blade Grimoire Snow White's Profile

So here's the intro to our new girl, we were lucky that some japanese guys took some detailed scans this time.

Also, a shout out to the guys at QB Universe, that did manage to find her original scan before yours truly!


Sorceress of the Mirror Snow White

“Magic mirror in my hand, who’s the strongest beautiful fighter of the land... no, never you mind, we both know the answer to that.”

A beautiful princess from the Apple Kingdom.

Envied by her Stepmother, the Queen, for her radiant beauty, Snow White was banished from her Kingdom to the woods and had myriad assassins sent against her. However, thanks to the discovery of a magic dagger deep within the forest, along with the awakening of her latent summoning abilities, the Queen’s plot took a different turn, with the princess growing only stronger and stronger with each ambush before becoming a powerful Beautiful Fighter in her own right.

It would not be long before Snow White took matters into her own hands, storming her stepmother’s castle and obtaining the Queen’s prized legendary treasure, the Magic Mirror, in the process.

While Snow White did bear a grudge she found herself carrying out, the girl remains a gentle soul at heart with a love for singing and all things cute, but face her with hostile intent and her reply will come with nothing but belligerence with no room for mercy, for that is the Beautiful Fighter she’s become.

Snow White can charge apples with her magic thanks to her dagger, an injection that alters their properties allowing them to perform all kinds of functions ranging from bombs and poisons to restoratives.

Additionally, with the power of the Magic Mirror enhancing her innate summoning abilities, she holds the power to freely summon other Beautiful Fighters to her from different worlds.

Occupation: Princess
Weapon: Magic Dagger
Ability: Summoning beautiful fighters from other worlds
Likes: Cute things
Dislikes: Ugly things
Height: 161 cm
B: 80
W: 53
H: 82
Illustrated by: Eiwa

*Btw, we naturally went for a rhyme with her quote, but we're not sure if it's supposed to be a hand mirror or not... I guess we'll find out, huh :p


  1. So her apples can do anything from heal to poison? That sounds like an interesting playstyle. And the whole "summon other beautiful fighters from other worlds" sounds like a great crossover opportunity. Probably will be using her to explain another character's appearance in the upcoming anime.

    I'm also wondering why Aldra is being featured on the page too. Is she a summon for Snow White (which would be ironic), or dose Hobby Japan have other plans for the former Queen?

    1. Yup, I guess the idea is having her be the cause of the Gainos-inhabitant Alicia ending up in Mel Fair Land. I'm wondering myself if she'll have infinite ammo with her apples, or she'll have a cheery "Harvest" page to refill them, lol.

      And about Aldra, I reckon it's a new waifu-dora figure, to be announced soon or something.

  2. Is this from this months issue?

    Crossing my fingers on that OVA trailer!!!

    1. This is actually from last month's. I hope they say something about the OVAs this month.

    2. I'm guessing Snow may have a special edition with her book with the OVA given the estimated release dates but we'll see.

      When do you guys normally get news from HJ magazine?

    3. wow!! the magic mirror could summon just about anyone form the other QB games like strikers!! Still what does she have against Alice though? Is their rivalry like a Ryu and Ken rivalry or a Kyo and Iori rivalry?

    4. @Gold Wave: The HJ magazine usually comes out around the 21st, but lately the guys getting it take a few more days to post relevant bits, plus also lately we don't always get QB news each issue. Oh well...

    5. @leecherboy: I'll hope for the best!
      But it should be likely that we get news on the OVA right?
      They did say it should be out late 2015 and look at the date now.

      Still though.
      I can't help but picture a grumpy Alicia beside a Happy go Lucky Snow xD!

    6. Technically they said the OVAs would be to celebrate the upcoming QB anniversary next month, so yeah they should be giving more details before that.