Thursday, July 30, 2015

Queen's Blade Backstories: Despina & Dizzy

In the previous poll about fighting games and QB, "play once in a while" won with 35v-43%, then it was "play regularly" with 21v-26%. In the middle, "QB's suited for another genre" got 9v-11%, and "play at advanced level" got 8v-10%. Lastly, "rather watch it played" and "don't play but it's a good idea" got 5v-6% and 2v-2% respectively.
Lol, my always being a fan of fighting games made me add all sorts of funky things to the QBB game, right~

This week's poll features our eternal main char (soon to appear along our Alicia, too): we all more or less know Leina's story, but what do you think her deal is anyways?

Aand, here's the story behind our newest antagonist, the manipulative piper, plus our GG representative as a bonus.



Preparations had gone underway for a most luxurious party at the Queen's castle. A ball to be held in the evening, where many beautiful and eligible women from all corners of the domain would be sure to gather.

“Whatever shall I do if the Prince were to fall in love with me at first sight?”
“Oh, but the Earl is quite dreamy as well.”

A soirée such as this was ideal for those seeking love amongst the children of nobility.

And with the possibility of beautiful, commoner girls finding themselves welcomed into high society as blushing brides being a very real one, suffice to say, the custom was rather popular within the country.

Handsome men and gorgeous women from around the land waited with bated breath within the hall for the court musicians to begin the performance that would herald the start of the festivities.

It was then that it happened:


“What's with the random pipe?”
“What an odd sensation, it's almost as if, there were a stirring in my heart.”
“Yes, I'm not sure what it is either, but I find that I simply cannot stand still!”

Whatever could it be? The dolled up beauties cast aside their dresses and began marching out of the hall all at once, ignoring the confused men. They were drawn to something they did not even know.

“Fufufu, come my sweets, come and follow me~”

A minstrel, dressed in queer clothing, played her pipe outside the castle walls.

“You'll live happily ever after as a part of Despina's harem~”

“Aahn, Lady Despinaaa!”
“You're so sublime, Lady Despinaaaa!”

The princes merely stared in dumbfounded awe as the situation unfolded, with only one amongst the crowd able to keep their cool and step forward, a beauty of a fighter.

“Whoops, looks like one of you gals managed to resist the sound of my pipe, huh~? Neat, you don't see that every day. Still, I wonder how long you can keep it up~?”

Sure enough, can Despina force this courageous beautiful fighter into submitting?

They won't know that unless they fight.

*As a special note, for some reason she uses "ore" (masculine) for herself like our Hansel... plus, she seems to have learned to play the pipe by listening to a certain yandere angel. Not Nanael, mind you, but Dokuro-chan (NSFW due to senseless violence, I guess?)


The carrier-class hover ship “Mayship” settled down for a landing in the forest below.

Its crew, the “Jellyfish Pirates,” a band of pirates known for sailing the world's skies...

…And the people with whom I now travelled with.

We'd stopped to resupply the ship and rest and, after being asked to fulfill the usual errands, I found myself heading down the nearby road to town by myself. It was a well practiced routine.

That is, until I suddenly sensed a nearby presence.

Hostility. I could feel it aimed directly at me.

Thus far, I've fought many battles with people wanting to claim the bounty over my head already, but this... something felt oddly different about the situation this time.

“Necro!? Undine!? What's the matter?”

“No, stop! Both of you, calm down!”

The two beings dwelling within my wings, catching on to the unknown presence, begin breaking free from my control and rampaging about.

“This is bad...! At this rate...!”

“Wait, that armor, I’ve never seen technology like that before…!”

“Who on earth are we dealing with...!?”

Sure enough, can Dizzy defeat this unknown assailant all while keeping Necro and Undine in check?

They won't know that unless they fight.


  1. Hah... the Dokuro-chan reference with the whistle, fantastic...