Thursday, July 2, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Stella (1 of 2)

About the previous poll about reading mangas, the top ended up in almost a 4-way tie, with "never read more than a page" winning with 13v-20%, then "started a manga but never finished" with 12v-19%, "finished most" with 11v-17% and "read every translated page" with 10v-16%. On the lower half of the poll, "finished 1+" with 8v-12%, then "finished 2+" with 6v-9%, and "read/seen EVERYTHING" with 2v-3%.
...Wait, I thought that last option was for the lulz, did someone actually chose that? Color me surprised o_O

On this week's poll, just how are you guys scattered around the world anyways~?

And so, we begin the dinosaur trio! Starting off, it's Stella the stegosaurus. Does she get to go first because she's my partner's fave? Maybe!

Does Stella has something to talk about with Jean?


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