Thursday, July 9, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Stella (2 of 2)

For the previous poll about geographic location, North America won with 38v-47%, then it was Europe with 27v-33%, then South America with 11v-13%, then Asia with 4 v-5%, Africa and Australia both got no votes. Funny, I thought we spanish speakers would kinda dominate the poll somehow, but it wasn't the case...

And this poll, favorite QB manga time! I've been meaning to ask this one for a while, but we could only finish Zero recently :3

So, will Jean let Stella get her way?


Next: Tino!


  1. about the poll, clearly the best one is Hide and Seek, I just love the way Nanzaki Iku draws.
    Struggle is cool too (well, I don't get the whole story) but I don't like the drawings :/

  2. Trying to contact Leecherboy about QBB.

    1. Oh you can comment whatever here... or if you want to shoot me an email, the address is there in the game, in the "Help -> About" section (sorry if I'm kinda paranoid about online stuff ^^U)