Thursday, August 6, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cerate (1 of 2)

Last week's poll about Leina, we saw the "inexperienced, longing for freedom girl" winning with 35v-50%, with "powerless and overprotected" behind at 19v-27%, while "selfish and irresponsible woman" and "a child who misses her mother" were last with 9v-13% and 6v-8% respectively.
It was kinda hard to separate between them, I went for the second but could have easily voted for a combination of some of these, lol.

This week we're tackling HJ's bikini gals at the poll: how about the ongoing (little) sister series? 

And so we begin with the last of the dinosaurs, also last of the original monster girls!
Can the triceratops Cerate find some common ground with Jean?



  1. Am I the only one to think that far Bikini Warriors sucks?

    1. The only episode I actually would recommend to anyone is 5 and maybe 2 so far. The rest are not that great fanservice wise or writing wise.

  2. I thought the episode where they were taking items form the villagers was pretty funny. In just about all the RPG games you could go into peoples houses and just take stuff and they won't do anything about it. I looked at the title then It dawned on me that they were paroding Dragon Quest. LOL!!

    1. yeah, that one was pretty fun, but then there was that scene with the boy keeping is money, I don't understand this scene: if the aim was to be a parody of dragon Quest/MMORPG NPC characters why putting in this scene? it has no sense...
      I think I don't like Bikini Warriors because it fails at being a caricature of RPG stuff, here in France we have a thing called "Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk" which is a parody of heroic fantasy and RPGs and it is so awesome that when I try to compare Bikini Warriors it just seems bad...

    2. well that scene was shown to demonstrate that the Bikini Warriors may have gone a little too far taking stuff out of peoples houses and as you saw at the end, they were punished for it. It's best not to take this show Too Seriously. to me, It's just a mere poke at the RPG in general kinda funny, kinda lame but pretty funny if you get the in jokes. This Le Donjon De Naheuteuk" sounds interesting. How long has it been out?

    3. Yes, I noticed it was not to be taken seriously^^ but it's this scene with the boy, this scene sounds too serious for the show, that's my problem with the scene.

      Concerning Naheulbeuk, well, it was first an audio serie, which started in... early 2000^^
      now there are comics, books, even an anime (which seems bad).
      if you can understand french you can go for the audio, or the comic, if you don't, well, I could translate the comics from french to english if you want^^