Thursday, March 26, 2015

The 2nd Annual Queen's Maid Tournament Begins

The 2nd Annual Queen's Maid Tournament has begun!

The Queen's Maid is a life-or-death struggle fought every once in a while to determine who is the greatest Maid of all the lands. Whether one is from a foreign world, inhuman or even male, all are allowed to participate so long as they display the ability to either cook, clean or look like a maid.

It is these skills, and the support of their fans, that will allow each challenger to move forward in the rankings, in the hopes of aiming for the top and defeating last year's champion, the Infernal Temptress Airi.

The challengers will have their opponents selected via chance, with the first and second rounds being Free-For-All melees between 4 participants at a time, with only the top 2 challengers from each battle being permitted to advance further.

By the end, only one will remain to face Airi in one last battle to determine who will obtain the seat of Ultimate Maid.

Who will find glory as the Ultimate Maid, who will face humiliation and defeat. The Queen's Maid Tournament will see to it that only one will prevail, who will that be, they will have to fight to find out.

Tournament Participants :

The Weapon Merchant, Cattleya
The Master of Flame, Nyx
The Priestess of Gainos, Melpha
The Assassin of the Fang, Irma
Repayer of Kindness, Iroha
The Child of Fate, Dizzy
She Who Fights Destiny, Pyrrha
The Summoner, Aldra
The Alchemic Automaton, Vante
The Infernal Scholar, Meena
Darkmaster in Wonderland, Alicia
Witch Slayer Confectioner, Gretel
The Apprentice Healer, Jean
The Magical Pâtissière, Maron Makaron
The Nyan-derful Pâtissière, Aryutta Katz
Dragon Sword Demon, Stella

Stay tuned for our first poll, our first four participants begin their struggle!


  1. If Nyx were to win, could we get a commission of her in a maid outfit? :D

  2. From the first group Pyrrha is my choice, being so submissive and such, I mean, the girl even apologized after you hit her and throw her to the pit. XD I can already see apologizing each 2 minutes for breaking something in clumsy maid chara.

  3. From the first group it has to be between Melpha and Vante for me. They even seem more like the maid-types. Especially Melpha with how she's so hospitable to any travelers who come by her church or how she takes care of Nanael. She's also more human warmth than an automaton like Vante, obviously. I like Vante too but I really have to go with Melpha, lol.

  4. man that Airi looks evil as hell!! don't think she'll let anyone take her title!! LOL!!