Thursday, March 26, 2015

Queen's Blade : Commissions Part 3

And once again I appear before you all, ready with yet another set of commissions to cover for yet another impromptu intermission week! Getting back into the groove of working on talk events hasn't been easy, not after working on VQ for so many straight weeks.


Today's batch will have a bit more variety in it than the last, adding even more Grimoire representatives to the mix beyond Kaguya and even adding a pic for one of the Classic girls too!

But before we can get to the good stuff, let's briefly go over the results of our poll this week.

We won't know unless they fight! Who is the strongest in the Continent?
1rst - The Veteran Mercenary, Echidna (23 Votes / 29%)
2nd - The Lord of the Thundercloud, Claudette (22 Votes / 27%)
3rd- The Fighting Master, Alleyne (19 Votes / 24%)
4th- The Weapon Merchant, Cattleya (16 Votes/20%)

With a clutch last minute vote, victory for this poll goes to The Veteran Mercenary, Echidna! Echidna, Claudette and Alleyne were all neck and neck throughout the entire week so it was a real close one too! As for Cattleya... well, let's just say brute force must seem like a hard sell when faced against blistering speed or flashy attacks to our fans...

And now, on to the commissions...

Seeing as how I spent the last two posts ranting on something, I thought I'd try and keep quiet this time and let the images speak more for themselves for a change!


By Whistlinfrog

By lvlapple
By lvlapple

Ah, though I would like to mention that, on the off chance you've noticed the suspiciously convenient censorship going around in some of these commission pieces, I'd like to recommend all of you go and visit the related artists' tumblr or deviantart pages for any potential alternate pieces I may have been given as I do not like to post anything past a certain level of NSFW-ness here. 
This isn't that kind of blog after all!

 By Pltnm06Ghost

And finally, we end on this piece. My, Airi's looking mighty cocky here... we never did get into the details of our next poll come to think of it, did we? Well, stay tuned folks! Because our next set of polls are going to hopefully be big ones!


  1. Huh, weird, the strongest character is voted as being the least strongest character, lol. Well, if not Cattleya, at least it was Echidna. They all seemed pretty close, actually..

    The commissions are nice. Not any chars I particularly care for. but I always appreciate big oppai :) and oshiri... looks like Vente brings it all. This reminds me, I'm actually waiting on a QB commission work of my own. First time I've ever gotten my own commission done. It's by an artist that usually does comic book characters, so it should be interesting. I can't wait for it to be done X3

  2. Vante and Zara art is amazing. Everything else is okay. Better than my art style, but nothing I particularly care for. My least favorite is the Alicia fan art