Thursday, March 12, 2015

Queen's Blade Grimoire Despina's Profile

This did take us more than expected, but finally, here's the newest addition~, the alleged "strongest beautiful fighter" by prolific doujinka Kure (Cle) Masahiro, a.k.a Clesta!


Pied Piper of Hamelin Despina

*Pipiropiropiro* Come my sweets, come and follow me~!

Once known as a wandering minstrel, Despina used to find work as a ratter through the use
of the beautiful melodies that came from her pipe. However, as a woman consumed by a greed unlike any other in all of Mel Fair Land, it was not long before she was made to become the “Demon of Winter’s” first-in-command.

Despina’s musical prowess being second to none, she possesses the skill to charm the hearts of her listeners while, for those who do not find themselves entranced by her bewitching wiles, also holding the power to control their bodies.

With both these abilities at her beck and call, she routinely abuses them to kidnap beautiful, young women to parts unknown, though rumors tell of a place in the forest where they are made to join her harem.

A woman of sharp mind and a hedonistic nature, she now sets her sights on the beautiful fighters of the Queen’s Blade, plotting to claim every single woman there as hers.

Height: 159 cm
Bust: 91 cm
Hip: 57 cm
Waist: 86 cm
Occupation: Minstrel
Weapon: Pipe
Ability: The ability to control the hearts and bodies of those who hear her pipe’s sound
Likes: Beautiful women
Dislikes: Rats

*There's probably a pun somewhere in here about how this girl from "Harlem" (Hamelin) has a "harem", hm...


  1. Replies
    1. The ridiculous size of her pantsu

    2. Her pants suddenly become white near her crotch and it makes it look like there's nothing there but the yellow strap.

      Look closely and you'll see, it's just a trick of the eye and she's basically pulling a Melpha down there.

    3. Eh...OHHHHHH, now I see it.

      How much time have you been looking there to realize there is White cloth there? XD

    4. I noticed it right away, Melpha is one of my favorite chars after all. So any trick she has, I'll notice on others!

    5. I'm trying so hard to see it as "a golden/yellow strap or string" but I just can't see it! To me it always looked like white panties or a white part of her pants with a yellow/gold design on it, from the start. I guess it's a mental thing, where some people could mistaken the white part as flesh colored? I kind of thought of Melpha's style at first too, but hardly (I think I need more closeups of Despina before I can decide on that, hehe). But wouldn't it be more hot if it really was just a yellow/gold string there, rather than disturbing? lol

      Also I love how Melpha's outfit is all around. She's also one of my favorite characters, only second to Cattleya.

  2. What I want to know is, why are her ears pointy? is she a non human like an Elf?

    1. Well, it doesn't say. She could be... but then again, she shouldn't be that different from the original tale's character, who wasn't.

    2. I'm just suspicious, because so far it seems all the human characters have normal round ears, while Tiina has pointy ears which makes me think that Despina may be something else.

    3. Sorry for double post, but checking through the Grimoire characters it seems Seiten also has pointy ears although it's not as obvious as with Tiina.

  3. Kind of saw her "ecchi trait" coming, with the whole thing about collecting beautiful girls and making them do ecchi things. Still, definitely an interesting design. Still, I can't imagine how her gamebook is gonna look, aside from the usual clothes tearing... and probably something to do with the pipe, lol.

    But man, it bothers me when characters still have their bust listed without their cup size. Everyone tends to look to bust size as a measurement of boobs but without cup size it doesn't really work that way...

  4. Like the design, but don't care for Despina's character. I see a lot of future VQ stories with her involved.

  5. Thank you so much for translating this, she is truly my ideal character and I would love to see her win and make good on her goal =) Charming & controlling women+Yuri harem=<3