Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Arane QG (2 of 2)

For the poll about the guys, Rana and Setra took it with 16v-19% and 15v-18%, then it was Owen and Fio with 10v-12% and 9v-11%. Around the middle, Jean and Aldra's Darling tied with 8v-9%. Dogura, Count Vance and Delmore went next with 5v-6%, 4v-4% and 3v-3%, and last place was for Hans, Belphe & Dogor and Kreutz, who got 2v-2%, 1v-1% and no votes for the margrave. I'm happy my waifu's eternal buddy Setra got so high (he's one of the oldest chars after all)... and surprised the obscure Fio got so many votes, to be honest. :3

And next poll, the classic 4 Strongest in the Continent, isn't it? What would have happened if the fast-learning (plot-armored?) Leina hadn't appeared...?

So at last, how does the spider saga end?


Now then, if you think we only got monster girls left, you're in for a surprise, because...

Next: Aryutta!

...But first, we'll have a break next week, to rearrange our biorhythms, or something along those lines. My partner will try and come up with something nice to post, though.


  1. Yay, Rana won. But wow, Setra almost tied. Actually, I'm surprised by that. Is it simply because his association with Menace? Anyways, I do like him too. I can't believe anyone could like Dogura. Jean could have done better. I'm actually sad for Hans though, he's really cool just because it seems he knows and is known by all the ladies in the series. I actually get the feeling there could be more male characters, though. Wouldn't funikura count? Sure it's pretty much a monster, but it seems male in some way, lol.

    And even without my bias towards Cattleya, I'm sure I would still say she's easily the strongest character in the series. But it's less easy to call if it's about who the best fighter is in general, because then you have to take agility, skill, experience, and other things into account, which the other of the top 4 fighters might be better at. Hell, as far as experience goes, Echidna would easily win in that department. Alleyne is probably the most speedy and agile. But as far as sheer brute strength goes I think it's gotta be Cattleya.

    Hmm, I just realized Arane is a combination of two of my most despised things in the universe... spiders/insects and lolis, lol.

    1. I didn't put in males who couldn't really communicate verbally to anyone but the person they were associated with. So Lou, Funikura, Usher and Elina's pet tiger didn't make the cut.

    2. >Hmm, I just realized Arane is a combination of two of my most despised things in the universe... spiders/insects and lolis, lol.

      You. You have made a mortal enemy today.

      Even when Arane is carrying out death threats, she's adorable.

      Anyway, Aryutta next? That's surprising, I thought for sure we'd see Puia or Cerate next. Ah well, I can deal. After Arane, my next most anticipated free talk is Plum.

    3. Enemy...? D: Anyways, I never said anything specifically against Arane, just that I don't like spiders and lolis, lol. I don't deny her adorability, I just don't care much for adorability... >.>

  2. Alleyne, definitely.
    She's not the Fighting Master for nothing. Plus, she's got 500 years on Echidna.

  3. well in terms of raw strengh, it would be Cattalya, She used to kill Giants and that sword of hers gotta weigh a few tons at least. Claudette has the elemental power of lightning working for her but I'm sure Cattalya could wipe the floor with her if she got mad enough. Still Alleyne's got the skills and she's the fight master. Kinda like the Edge Master in Soul Caliber with a touch of Yoda From Star Wars.

  4. hell, I would have vote for Setra if my Internet was not down ><
    Setra is the funniest "male" character and the seiyuu (not sure about the orthograph, and don't know the english word :p) is great, so bad I can't remenber is name...