Thursday, October 10, 2013

Queen's Blade Premium Visual Book Shi

Oh, now we don't do this a lot, but our proofreader was too busy to work on videos this week... yet he managed to scan this for you all, isn't he nice?

You might remember it from the last time I talked about the booklet from VQ OVA 2, and "Shi" should mean "female", so...

Download it from here (LQ), or here (HQ), and enjoy!


  1. The links are to the same file, but this is awesome!

  2. My bad about the links, I apparently uploaded the same thing TWICE. Here's the HQ one, properly uploaded this time. Leecher, apparently I can't edit your posts after all!

    1. Oh weird, I thought you'd be able to...

      Anyways, it's fixed up there now too.