Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Queen's Blade Grimoire: Gretel appears!

For a short bit of news, Captain Liliana's live-action book was released a couple days ago, see previews here or here...

But the big news from this month's HJ magazine is a new Grimoire character, Witch Slayer Confectioner Gretel by Kantaka, slated to a release on January next year. Get hype~!

It seems her story is there as well, but it's too tiny to make out for now...? More details as they come.


  1. Awful design IMO. The character itself is fine but the clothes are really lame. Also, it makes no sense, why Gretel would wear a Candy costume?
    H&G should have been a male-female couple character like Tanyan and Sainyan or...I don't know, but certainly the Candy costume doesn't have sense, and is ugly as hell.

    1. I disagree completely. For one thing, I think her costume is quite fetching; the visual design is nice, and it displays plenty of skin.

      It also makes sense for her to wear candy; not only is she called a confectioner, but it makes a certain amount of sense given her character's inspiration - much like how Zara turned a ravenous wolf into an ally, Gretel could use herself, covered in candy, as a temptation to lure in wicked monsters, which she then slays.

      That's leaving aside the fact that covering her body in candy plays to the nyotaimori fetish.

      Finally, having a male character involved is a terrible idea, as it goes against the very heart of what Queen's Blade is all about. There's never been a male QB character that had a combat book (Sainyang and Tarnyang are both female), and if Hobby Japan knows what they're doing, there never will be.

    2. Cattleya and Rana, or Zara and the Wolf for example. Didn't mean H&G as two different books but both characters in a book with Gretel as main carácter and Hansel as "accessory".

      Of course is a matter of opinions, I still se her more like the Candy House witch than Gretel. Because...well, Hansel & Gretel is a couple of silbings, that's their feature.

    3. You know, it might be too soon to rule out that very thing. If you notice the katakana, the bio contains a couple of likes & dislikes for Hansel too, so it'd be really weird if we didn't see him at least in a couple pages?

    4. I feel that I should clarify my original point regarding male characters - I shouldn't have said that having them "involved" was a terrible idea, so much as I should have said that making them "prominent" was a bad one.

      Even leaving aside that Zara's wolf is a poor example, as we don't hold animals (even those with mystical abilities) to the same degree of consideration as people, the issue I was taking exception to was the idea that a male character would be featured in a combat book that had a female lead to the same degree as, say, Sainyang is in the Tarnyang and Sainyang combat book.

      That's leaving aside that Rana's prepubescent nature means that he's largely lacking any overtly masculine traits - indeed, his style of presentation has a distinctly feminine manner of presentation (e.g. he seems to be wearing a dress).

      To reiterate the point I was trying to convey; the combat books don't (and, I believe, should not) showcase any degree of masculinity - something that's best done by simply not having any male characters, though it can be done while still having characters that are male.

      I did notice the listings for Hansel in Gretel's bio, and I feel confident that he'll stick to the aforementioned method of presentation.

    5. Make Hansel a girl, everyone happy :D

    6. good idea Neclord, they've already made a female figure of D'artagnan X)

  2. Ehhh well she doesn't look "bad" I mean she is cute, and interesting looking, and I've got no problem with her having a Candy Outfit, but I think I'm going to have to let her grow on me.
    Also what happened to Kaguya and Werbelia? I know Werbelia will probably come out with the second season of the Rebellion anime (If that ever happens.) but what about Kaguya?

  3. I agree with alzrius.About the live book of Liliana, god dammit she doesn't even have pink hair :/

  4. Looking for to Gretel's Combat Book. I hope Hansel is included in some of the pages. I was really hoping for a Sainyang & Tarnyang thing with the siblings. I guess H.J. wanted to mainly focus on Gretel. Still finally some news.

    Kaguya weeps as I sit angrily besides Werbelia