Saturday, October 26, 2013

Queen's Blade Grimoire Gretel Profile

Well wasn't this quick? Thanks a lot to our pal Gabriel, who helped me figure out the least visible kanjis here. We should only be missing like 2 adjectives in the whole text, so I thought it was pretty much good to go. I'll let you guys know when we can find a proper scan of the whole text, for the last details...


Witch Slayer Confectioner Gretel

Abandoned by her stepmother at an early age, Gretel won a fierce fight with the man-eating witch that lived in the depths of the forest, and obtained the witch’s power, the "ability to make articles and structures out of sweets."

However, that was when she began manifesting a personality with a manly nature called "Hansel." Though Gretel has an earnest, kind-hearted personality, when she becomes Hansel, she turns into a hedonistic character that likes women and fighting.

While she usually works as a skillful confectioner, she decided to participate in the tournament when she learnt of the crisis looming over Mel Fair Land. Since she continued training after overcoming the harsh challenges from her childhood, her base fighting strength is high. Her strong point is her cool, reliable way of fighting, but she overcomes her opponents with her intuitive, moody fighting when she becomes Hansel.

Height: 159 cm

B/W/H: 84/56/84

Title: Witch Slayer Confectioner

Occupation: Confectioner

Weapon: Candy Stick

Ability: Can make articles and structures out of sweets

Likes: Sweets (Gretel), fighting and women (Hansel)

Dislikes: Frivolous people (Gretel), serious guys (Hansel)


  1. So in this version, Hansel is a split persona, not her brother? Interesting concept.

  2. Well, at least that makes the character design have sense

  3. This is even more amusing, and apropos, than I expected!