Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vanquished Queens Irma Extra + Rebellion Nanael profile

From the booklet of the latest VQ OVA 2, here's kind of a double-whammy for you to enjoy!

First, a new VQ story featuring not-really-popular-but-still-one-of-my-faves Irma:

And the profile of the new redesigned Rebellion char, our feisty angel Nanael:

Archangel of Light Nanael

Height: 162 cm
B-W-H: 84-57-82
Occupation: Managing trainee angels
Weapon: Celestial Sword
Protection: None
Likes: Men from the earthly world
Dislikes: Women from the earthly world
Hobby: Looking for men from the earthly world
Hometown: Heaven
Affiliation: Heaven
Signature Moves: Falling Star Kick, Holy Dive

Nanael was once an angel dropout in heaven, who had been ordered to live on Earth to participate in Queen’s Blade as a “test” from the Head Angel, who had grown weary of her many failures. Along with that task, a strict condition was given to her, to not spill the “Holy Milk” within the full bottle hanging from her waist.

After descending to the earth, Nanael let her desires consume her and spilled the Holy Milk. Though reason enough to erase her existence as an angel, the emotional support given to her by the holy woman Melpha had turned out to be quite the achievement on its own, accomplishing a relationship that was beyond common practice so far between human and angel (though that was just her goofing off and freeloading at Melpha’s). As a result, Nanael, who achieved a promotion to Archangel, grew more and more arrogant.

Celestial Sword
A sword that Nanael uses to fight, moved by telekinesis. Nanael considers the idea of crossing swords face to face with humans on the ground, ridiculous.


  1. Wow, this "bad ending" for Irma is dark. Tentacle rape is par for the course, but hinting at death and/or catatonia is pushing it quite a bit.

    That said, I do like that Nanael got an upgraded profile. I'd wish that we got more of those for the remaining original cast members, but somehow I doubt we'll be that lucky.

    1. Well, I think given enough time, Irma'd break free. In fact, my favorite part of this one is Nyx stuttering the whole way through like she can't believe her luck, guess she kinda agrees with me ^^U

      I hope too we got more redesigns of the original cast... even if they're just only slightly informative, like Nanael's case here.

      ...And well, though we talk at the wiki every now and then, I think it's been some time since you came by? Welcome back :)

    2. Well, I still check your blog regularly; I just haven't posted here in a little while. Thanks for the kind words, though. :)

      Also, I forgot to mention before, but this seems to confirm that Nyx's magic comes from Funikura, rather than Nyx herself. Ergo, without the staff she's just an ordinary (if slightly more pretty) girl.

  2. always tantacles, dude, japanese really like tantacles XD
    by the way, Irma don't seems to be a popular character, am I right Leecherboy?

    1. Yeah, these two probably are the least popular characters... along with Claudette. Oh well...

    2. I don't like Claudette, but I though Irma was one of the cooler girls. :C

      Hopefully this isn't her last appearance. ._.

  3. Claudette reminds me of a female Raoh from Fist of the North Star. She got even more brutal when she became queen.

  4. Ehhhhh not too thrilled on Nanael's redesign, I liked her old outfit better, and I feel like it matched her hair and eyes better.

    I wish they had done something like give her longer hair, and maybe some more Angelic attire with the same color scheme as her old outfit, but it's not absolutely horrible.

  5. where does that Irma's story comes from? i've downloaded all 3 episodes of VQ but i can't find it in any of them

    1. It comes from this very booklet, that came out quite a long time after VQ2, actually.

      I included it in VQ2 LQ version, and later today I'll upload the VQ2 HQ along with that page, too.

    2. please, thank you so much. and after uploading that please notice me here if u don't mind, i'm collecting Queen's Blade stuff (3 seasons of anime, visual book, etc), that's why i'm disturbing u so much :D

    3. and 1 more thing, when i open RAR file of QB Bitoshi Retsuden: Tome of the Ancient Princess(DRAMA CD), it didn't include the .doc file 'bout the story of the character like it did with Leina and Tomoe, if u have that file, please upload it, thank you

    4. Oh ok, have fun collecting stuff, and let me know if you find more dead links.

      I just updated VQ2 HQ.

      And yeah, we know about Menace's story, our old pal never got around to translating the CD. We'll get to it one day, though :3

    5. i'll download it right away, thanks again

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