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QB Beautiful Fighters FAQ (Final): Melona, Risty, Menace and Leina

Here's the final round of FAQs!
Gee, I wonder that sort of crazy thing I'm working on next... :p


FAQ 13 : Melona

Question: This question is for the “shapeshifter” Melona, who freely changes her appearance without a care. Your visual book shows you taking on various cosplays, from royal maid to some other crazy things (with amazing flair)... but among the Queen’s Blade participants, if you had to pick “someone you’d transform into” and “someone you wouldn’t transform into,” who would they be?

Melona’s answer :
Howdy! Melona here!
Kishishi, you already knew? Ah, yeah.
Someone I’d transform into, and someone I wouldn’t?
“Someone I would,” well there’s plenty!
First, can’t go wrong with the 3 Vance sisters~
For sisters, don’t ya think they have some nasty relationships between ‘em?
So, first I’d morph into Leina and let Elina go all “big si~s!!” and cling to me, then I’d transform into some really ugly troll and say something like “I-I’m glad you’re hugging me...” wonder what kind of funny face she’d make to that. Kishishishi.
And then, I’d morph into Elina and head over to Claudette’s place. You can just imagine her face going red and sputtering : “...E, Elina... what is with you today...” before I turn into Leina and say: “It’s me, you dumbas-s!” Ahahahaha, that’d be a riot!
Though not a person, it’d also be pretty funny to turn into Ymir’s weapon. If I became limp mid-battle, Ymir would get all teary eyed and be like : “Oh no, my weapon broke...” Pupupu! [holding back laughter]
Man, wouldn’t that just be a great prank? I still have lots of other things I’d want to do, but I’ll keep them to myself, don’t wanna dish out too many spoilers right now.
Folks I wouldn’t want to turn into, well if it came down to it, Echidna I guess? Disguised myself as that girl’s panties for a quick laugh once, but she somehow figured it out and seriously almost killed me...
Don’t think I can take that girl on in a fair fight. Still, you can’t be a good prankster if you’re afraid of a little thing like dying, right? Now that’s what I’m all about! Ahahaha! Well, buh bye!

Hans’ Answer :
In order for Melona to perform a convincing transformation, she has to study a victim’s character, relationships, kinks, etc. and that’s why, even though she doesn’t look it, she’s a remarkably hard worker. By default a skill required by her mistress, the Marshland Witch, to carry out her duties, Melona has turned shapeshifting for pranks into an artform despite that.
Melona’s figure will be up for sale next month. It has a great degree of detail with a taste somewhat different from all the Queen’s Blade figures up until now, I was astonished. I’m not advertising (laugh), but I will heartily recommend it!

FAQ 14 : Risty
Question for Risty! Among all the Queen’s Blade participants, who do you think would make for some formidable opponents? (Aldra is the Queen, so she doesn’t count)

Risty’s Answer:
Hey, I’ll make this quick ‘cause I gotta to go grab a bite to eat.
To me, looks like the matches will be decided by “strength.” Though, “strength” doesn’t just mean “physical strength” alone.
What matters in matches is tenacity and the force of will to face the tenacity of others, now that’s important.
It all boils down to what you aim for beyond the matches, to have a purpose.
Me, I’m a girl with a grand cause, I wanna become Queen and save the world.
The others don’t have a purpose like that.
So I’ve tried dividing the participants of the tournament accordingly, just hear me out.

First, there’s the group of participants who are only participating because someone else told ‘em to. Irma, Nowa, Tomoe, Echidna, Airi, Nanael, Melona and Melpha fit here. Nothing to really say about these guys. Fighting because someone ordered you to? That’s not going to cut it. That’s why there’s no way I can lose to them.
Next, folks who are only in it due to their feelings. That’s Elina, Nyx, Claudette and Alleyne. These guys, though possible for them to show some tremendous power, are showing up just to satisfy some insecurity they got. Queen’s Blade is a fight to decide the Queen. These guys were aiming for something other than that from the get go. They’re no opponents of mine unless they decide to genuinely aim to become Queen.
Then there’s the two who weren’t interested in the system to begin with: Cattleya and Ymir. Their objectives are stuff like searching for someone or advertising... in a way, I can kind of get that they’re desperate though.
And lastly, only li’l Leina remains. Frankly, unlike the group above, she has nothing to gain from battling. Zero goals. But somehow this actually makes her more annoying. Maybe the girl has some kind of zen state of mind? She’s contradicting what I was saying earlier...
Aah! Geez! I don’t even know anymore!
All this thinking, it’s making my head hurt. Whatever, this should be enough for now.
Now then, be sure to cheer me on from now on!

Menace : “U, umm~ I’m also seriously aiming to become Queen...”
Setra: “We were totally ignored, Milady...”

Hans’ Answer:
Though it can be seen as a battle to decide the Queen, very few people are actually aiming to become Queen...
But, as Risty mentioned above, each of the beautiful fighters are aiming for their own respective goals, with their own strong force of will aimed at said goals.
What could be the outcome of the beautiful fighters’ struggle?
As I assume that will be revealed sooner or later, look forward to it.
Something like, “I don’t want to hear every character’s conclusion” is of course, another way to take things. There are as many characters’ stories as fans exist, and that’s the way I think it should be.
At the August 30th, Chara Hobby 2008 event, a new development just might be announced, so I’ll look forward to your continued support!

FAQ 15: Menace
Question: During the last question, we heard that Miss Menace was aiming to become a true Queen, so please tell me, “What would you like to do should you become Queen?”

Menace’s Answer:
Menace : “That’s right, I’ll become the new Queen and then revive the Amara Kingdom... it’ll become a kingdom that can continue to prosper even after a thousand years~”
Setra : “To help build the nation, we’ll need personnel.”
Menace : “That’s a good point, Setra. How about making retainers out of all those who lost to us in the competition?”
Setra : “That’s Milady for you. I’m all for having those erotic beautiful fighters surrendering themselves to me.”
Menace : “In that case, let’s have a personnel meeting this instant~!”
Setra : “Right!”
Menace : “First off, Miss Leina as Viceroy of the Western Territory, Miss Tomoe as Viceroy of Hinomoto and Elina as Commander of the Imperial Guard.”
Setra : “Hm, hm, they’re no fun, but they’ll make for honest personnel.”
Menace : “Miss Alleyne as my tutor and since Miss Ymir is cute, she can be my assistant.”
Setra : “No complaints here. And?”
Menace : “Miss Irma as my cleaning lady, Miss Nyx in charge of heating the bath and Miss Aldra in charge of manufacturing stone statues for my temple.”
Setra : “They’re certainly the right people for the job. Nothing less from Milady.”
Menace : “Miss Nowa in charge of looking after pets, Miss Risty with the duty of carrying the stones for construction of the pyramid, Miss Claudette in charge of praying for rain, Miss Cattleya can be my pillow and Miss Melpha with the duty of entertaining us by dancing once in a while at banquets with her amusing poses.”
Setra : “Amazing, Milady, you really have a knack for human resources.”
Menace : “What to do with Miss Echidna?”
Setra : “Well, if I may be so bold. I’ve always wanted to make an incredible woman like her my personal servant.”
Menace : “So, Miss Echidna as Setra’s assistant, and...”
Setra : “Looking forward to it, I wonder how it’ll go. Nh? Aren’t we forgetting someone?”
Menace : “Miss Airi and Miss Melona are the Marshland Witch’s followers, so they’ll become our allies~ I expect them to bow down before the authority of the Amara Kingdom eventually though, after that, I’ll think about it~”
Setra : “Sounds good! And with that, meeting adjourned! If we forgot anyone, they were probably just some fool with no real use for us anyways!”
Menace : “Right! Now, I will have to excuse myself, I’m going to go take a milk bath.”

Hans' answer:
Congratulations! An Excellent Model was decided on for Menace (it was announced at last month’s event). I can’t wait to see the completed prototype.
Now, though she tends to be misunderstood, Menace really is taking the idea of building a country fairly seriously.
She’d surely make a good queen.
If she could somehow manage an overall victory, though...
Ah, that’s right. Please don’t you all forget about Miss Nanael!
Although, the idea of her working hard is something I can’t really imagine...

Final FAQ : Leina
Question : A question for Miss Leina, who became a beautiful fighter after she ran away from home. Who was the first beautiful fighter that you did battle with?

Leina’s Answer :
Ran away from home? ...When you put it that way, it makes me feel a bit guilty, though, it is true.
The first person I ever fought with a sword in hand was Risty, though that was before I “ran away from home.”
That fight I had with Risty was the reason I left home, by the way. I’d like to fight Risty once more.
After deciding to live as an adventurer, the first beautiful fighter I fought was the “Master of Flame Nyx.”
Nyx had accidentally become a fighter just as I did, “simultaneously” so to speak, but after our fight was over, all that was left was a bad aftertaste. It was an encounter that left me with mixed feelings...
But it was also an encounter that taught me a lot, being a sheltered daughter who didn’t know much to begin with about this world. We’ll have a more in depth conversation next time!
Still, escaping from Father’s castle to begin with was quite the test... so in a way, you could say the first beautiful fighter I ever faced was actually Sister Claudette. Though, had my opponent been my younger sister Elina, she would have been rather easy to deceive... well anyways, it sure was hard to run away with my Sister’s sharp hawk-like eyes!
Now then, I better not let my guard down, someone might catch up to me, so goodbye now!

Hans’ Answer :
Leina, the main character of Queen’s Blade. There are plans to release a book with a Drama CD this winter that will tell the tale of the beginning of her adventure : “Queen’s Blade Beautiful Fighters Biographies: Adventure of the Exiled Warrior.” Ranging from her elopement from the Earl Vance’s house to her meeting with Nyx.
Although I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fated encounter, it’s portrayed as an incident that changes Leina’s mentality. Though a bit of an straightforward child, who she meets and who she fights, influences her and helps her grow all the same... Well, that’s the strongest attribute of our main character.
Despite being an expansion of Queen’s Blade’s main character, “Adventures of the Exiled Warrior” also marks the end of it. Next, we’ll be starting development of “Queen’s Blade Rebellion,” centering on our new main character Annelotte. We’ll be making a big announcement for it soon on the official site, so please look forward to it!

...So, that was all the girls and Hans had to say, hope you liked these!


  1. cool!! Melona's was funny!1 I wonder what's up with Aldra though?

    1. Hm, she never got one, guess the most important questions about her were scheduled to be answered in Rebellion...

      Which is a pity, I sure would have liked to hear about previous QB tournaments, or at least how it felt like to beat the so-called "youngest QB winner ever" record at 12 years :p